New Kids On the Beach

Trengganu, as laid back as it should be is seriously not for IT geeks who like to spend hours in wifi-free kopitiams, Gangnam style K-pop fans, youngsters and young-at-heart looking for a night out, 40-something from the Acute Gout club  or even peminat Che Kiah pekasam. The place is so cool and the people is so blessed with laid back attitude to the effect that until today, 83 days from the day I applied for a new telephone line into my new house, my whole family and I are still talking to the wall without any land line. But Trengganu is where I put my heart now. It is a place for people who love tranquility, jam-free journey, unpolluted air, amusing people with the most powerful G-force in the planet, fresh sea produces and not to mention a long stretch of unmolested golden sandy beaches. 
This blissful place full of expressive form of life and nature has  never failed to inspire me and almost seductively transform me from being a scientist into a self-professed poet. The long infatuation with these zen-like life has from time to time drowned me into a nostalgic mode. My right brain tickles. Even an innocent looking female goat sunbathing  in the middle of Jalan Gong Pak Jin aroused my creative mind. 
My four super-heroes however are adapting to their new life. They are city boys. Three were borne in the City of Kay El and one in the City of Durham, a far away land where people eat Fish and Chips. But surprisingly, despite their endless fixation to PS3 and other  techno-gadgets, they share my intimate passion and similar perversion to the sand and the wave from the South China Sea. They are adapting well. The sea becomes a medium to bond the family together. I like it to stay that way. 
Somewhere in my sub-conscious mind  I always feel at home whenever i put my feet on the beach. I am not new to this  domain. It is very familiar to me.  I am not a new kid on the beach.  Ganukite is very synonymous with me. It will always be. But to my young super-heroes this place is an uncharted place offering them some new adventures. I however, have no worry as looking at their enthusiasm and their youthful spirit, I think they are ready to take the challenge. 
 And my significant half. She doesn’t need to adjust herself or adapt to anything. She is part of me.   
 Trengganu without beaches is not Trengganu after all. It will be tasteless. Beaches almost without fail are always associated with fun and sunshine. But fun on the beach is as joyful only with calculated risk. With Monsoon season is  hovering and lingering  on the  horizon, still in its stagnant mode, do not estimate the power of the sea. Few fatalities were reported in the past along beaches like this because some didn’t realize the hidden danger that lie under the gentle and alluring wave that beats the shore. (Pantai Pak Tuyu)

Friday morning we are on the beach, Saturday morning we are back on the beach, in fact family escapade will continue throughout the evening and some weekdays as well. In short, I can conclude that my four superheroes are also mesmerized and got sedated by Ganukite wonderful beaches….just like their  daddy. (Pantai Tok Jembal)
The four superheroes were warming up  for some beach actions and get ready to submerge themselves with whatever they thought fit into their fancies. (Pantai Pengkalan Maras)
Walking on the beach is like walking on an open field full of hidden treasures. You’ll never know what you are going to find or stumble upon. You just have to pay more attention and with some sheer luck you will be rewarded with something totally unexpected. 
Anything that my superheroes found on the beach, anything that is playable will be their love and joy even an ordinary ornate slipper full of living barnacles.   This interesting slipper has some story to tell. Perhaps if we can talk their language, the barnacles will come up with some good epic story that fit into a Bollywood screen.
The slipper, perhaps drifting from one of  the Vietnamese fishing boats just off shore now become the beach volley-slipper. 

Oblivious to the big wave that hit the beach, my third and fourth progenies seemed to enjoy their newly found playground. The long stretch of Ganukite beaches are now becoming their private wonderland. Most of the time,  all by themselves. (Pantai Mengabang Batu Rakit)

A family photo beside a sampan, under the shade of a coconut tree to mark the historic and memorable occasions, which number is uncountable. The new spot is Kuala Baru, a new lepak place for the whole family along Pantai Tok Jembal. This blissful spot  has never registered in my 45-years-old’s Ganukite map before which resided in my mind. Now it is a good time to update my mental Ganukite map with the latest version, minus the Nasi dagang of course.

The outing grand finale is always a family round-table meal  with a mouthful array of a-la-carte menu  consisting of nasi kerabu, nasi lemak and nasi dagang. This only makan place on the beachfront of Kuala Baru  is commendable for its reasonable price, scenic location and free air conditioning complimentary of 10-20knots wind from the South China Sea. And not to mention countless gallons of minute salty sea spray which in 20 years will corrode anything that is metalic in nature. I hope my mind and my perversion to the beach won’t get corroded by then.


18 Responses to “New Kids On the Beach”

  1. if it does get corroded (re: your last sentence), pindah pulak la… to a place where there is landline, hehe

  2. KOG,dah tua ni, tak larat lah pula KOG nak berpindah randah ni. Mat saleh cakap "rolling stone gathers no moss"

  3. Kt now jem gak ah..

  4. Kt now jem gak ah..

  5. Zahree Kasim,tu le…masa orang Kay El datang masa tu lah KT jam 🙂

  6. i love the beach, looking forward to visiting any white and sandy beach soon.

  7. Dr sam…dah sama tinggi your boy..ngan u

  8. Doc, you paint so very wonderfully with words that they left with a sense of longing. Of being there, in that laid back place. Il dolce far niente…Le sigh…

  9. mizzyN,An escapade into a paradise island with white sandy beach will add some spice in your life.besi,…atau saya yang makin rendah ?Syed,This wonderful place should be a perfect location for a creative photobug like yourself. I think you will fall in love with all the natural wonders this place has to offer. No model is ever needed. Everything that you need to make a good photo subject is around you. But one thing that always worry me…how do we protect our photo gears after long exposure to the nasty sea spray mate?

  10. Dr Sam,One happy family having fun! Spending quality time together is always precious! Nak mandi laut here sejuk yang amatz. I can't imagine even time summer pon Brit boleh lagi mandi manda! I would rather having scone and tea tengok orang mandi (DANG!) 😀

  11. zafi,I like to go to the beach, but I don't really fancy to swim, so as my superheroes. The Brit must be so envious with us in the Tropic region with all year round warm and sunshine. Scone is my favourite too, but doesn't fit well in my surrounding now. Keropok lekor or ikan celup tepung are the better choice.This year must be a final year right? Wishing you the the best.

  12. Salam doc,thought of going to Trengganu when I went to the east coast few weeks back…but it didnt materialise.The flood,that ribut sonama took them away.Looking at your pictures by the beach …mcm melambai saja suruh pi sana.Pulau Perhentian,the coastal road cantik dan menenangkan.

  13. mokjadeandell,Salam madame. Terengganu is ready to welcome you now. The weather is very nice and the beaches are as irresistibly beautiful as ever. But most islands are still out of bound by boat now and you have to wait for another few more months when the sea is calm.By the way-keropok lekor, ikan celup tepung, satar, otak-otak…they are all looking forward to meet you and tickle your taste bud soon.Have a great life ahead madame.

  14. السلم عليكم ورحمة اللهMoga sahabat sihat hendaknya di sana..Membesarkan anak-anak di tempat kelahiran sendiri pasti menyeronokkan ya sahabat..:)

  15. Abd Razak,Waalaikumussalam sahabat. Alhamdulillah, hajat tercapai.

  16. You know how to spin some old cheap cotton wool into kain songket fit for the king. Give you another six months and you will be longing to go back to Megamall and the Curve, cool and with lots and lots of you-know-what to feast your eyes. This is a place for retirees who can no longer afford luxury.

  17. Al-Manar,Thank you Pakcik. If you haven't pointed it out, I'd never realized that I can spin and make something out of nothing 🙂 Yes Pakcik, I have to agree with you. This place is a sanctuary for retirees and I am preparing well in advance for my turn to be known as a pensioner. Sort of early induction for me, with extra motivation.

  18. Hoping that everything will be fine for you, Doc…..Insya Allah.

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