Six month gestation period – thank you John Jenin

When I am inspired, my mind switches into its voyeuristic mode.  The mind becomes very volatile and tend to explore some unthinkable domain full of crappy thing and rubbish. Sometimes into the unknown. More often than not the mind is fully occupied with something of everything. I become very focus and consumed by nameless ideas. That was exactly what happened in the last few months. I stayed focus and entirely forgot this blog. Again!

It is not easy to achieve that particular state of mind though. I have to admit that air ketum or any psychedelic source has no part in this affair.  It took me many trips to  nondescript stalls under pokok ketapang,  impromptu night meetings with my colleagues, numerous trailblazing trips to the entire Bolehland of which I’d lost count of how many and tonnes of teh tarik kurang manis in kedai mamak – I forget that the world is still spinning and the sun is still shining. I was in my own world. But all those sacrifices come with a price and in my case a pleasant prize as well.  I owe that glorious achievement to one particular person. Unbeknown to this guy, he was actually the sole mortal being that inspired me. He is known or used to be known in the Bloggosphere as John Jenin. Another mysterious persona – a nom de plume who has never materialized himself into this mortal world. At least for the time being. In fact I’ve never met him in person or got a chance to have a cup of teh tarik kurang manis with him under pokok ketapang.  

This inaugural blog entry after a long gestation period  is a tribute to this special persona, John Jenin. Perhaps he is another genius hiding in the underworld somewhere in Putrajaya, or a retired teacher who just wanted to share his  wisdom with the free world or even  one of my closest neighbors who are too shy to admit it was actually his dog that actually came up with this brilliant idea.  I feel very oblige. I am very sure if he read or somehow stumble upon this entry perhaps in another  millennium,  he will surely feel very proud. Thank you John Jenin. If I were to win a Nobel prize for this syok-sendiri innovation – someday, I will find you and fly you to the moon!

Even though this is not the first time I receive that piece of paper and a gold-plated medallion to add into my celebrated coffer, this one has a special place in my heart. i-klon is not merely an innovation or another name for a dubious gadget that will soon crowded the virtual market.  It encompasses my dream and my promise. (Ironically, it is also a timely farewell present to my fellow scientists)

As I am not a celebrity and most likely won’t achieve that status by the year 2020, I felt a little bit awkward being into the spotlight with dignitaries on the center stage.  Luckily my two happy-go-lucky  sidekicks came to the rescue and made myself at ease receiving a priceless memento that night. .
Before the judgement day. All set for the big show and my obliging team  members aka the inventors (minus one)  posed an overconfident smile prior to the winning announcement.  Yours truly pretended to be cool and composed.
No amount of practice, script rehearsal, and cold sweat could  have prepared Mr OCW to face the most impeccable and unassuming visitors. Sometimes thing will go wrong and it will go wrong at the wrong and the most unimaginable moment. But at the end – Job well done. Good work guys!

This was neither the enthusiastic crowd curious  for our invention nor the place where the historical moment took place. It has no significant value in my life too. But I spent an evening with my colleagues here searching for the next idea that will revolutionize our life. In fact we bought two replica (read fake) designer ties hoping that  the elusive ideas will descend from the celestial world. But the way, the place is Petaling street.


24 Responses to “Six month gestation period – thank you John Jenin”

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Suatu pertapaan yang begitu lama.. Welcome back

  3. In the silence you invented something. And now you come back to show off your excitement. Weldang!

  4. kudos to u..!!!!

  5. kudos to u..!!!!

  6. Congratulations Dr Sam! 🙂

  7. Wan Sharif,Mengeletor jari ambe nok taip entry kat blog ni selepas lama bertapa. Insyaallah lepas ni boleh berkongsi cerita lagi Ayoh wang.SPD,I kept my silence and zipped my lips – got IP right then I can talk 🙂

  8. m.u.l.a.nIt's team work. Kudos to my kakis as well.zafi,TQ. Are you still in the land of fish and chips?

  9. Dear Dr Sam,Yes indeed. Too much of fish and chips for me now…:D I can't wait to have my sambal belacan, tempoyak back. InsyaAllah by end of this year or early next year… -))

  10. zafi,Good luck and wishing you all the best.

  11. السلم عليكم ورحمة اللهMoga sihat hendaknya…tahniah dan moga Allah permudakan segala urusan Dr…

  12. Abd Razak,Waalaikumussalam. Alhamdulillah sdr, bijakNya di sana dan bukan di sini. Saya hanya meminjam yang bukan hak. Lama betul kita tidak bersembang dan bertukar fikiran.

  13. Salam,Congrats Dr Sam,btw, keep writing…miow

  14. salam catz,hoping not to be and to get inspired again, otherwise the inspiration keeps me occupied 🙂

  15. Einstein Wannabe!!Congrats Dr Sam!..

  16. LIBL,Einstein sans the full crown!

  17. Assalamualaikum:)Ini yang dikatakan diam-diam tapi berisi ..dalam diam rupanya mencipta sejarah gemilang yg pasti menjadi kenangan manis!:)Tahniah ats kejayaan..:)

  18. Pn Kartini,Waalaikumussalam puan. Diam sebenarnya tak cukup tangan ke hulu ke hilir. Namun isinya pun belum banyak lagi. Alhamdulillah, kenangan ini paling manis kerana antara lainya dipertemukan dengan sahabat lama dan dapat bekerja dalam satu kumpulan.

  19. Congratulation Dr! 🙂

  20. *Melopong*Waaaaaahh! Tahniah DrSam! (okey,saya boleh tepuk tangan pulak kat sini punyalah happy mendengarnya) Tahniah,tahniah,semoga lepasni berjaya invent lagi macam-macam benda ye 🙂

  21. Faisal Admar,thank you to my kakis as well.Sweetheart-Bitch,Saya gembira kalau kawan-kawan gumbira. Harap-harap ilham datang mencurah-curah lagi.

  22. السلم عليكم ورحمة اللهaahh doc…glad you still hanging-in here & tahniah doc!

  23. nahmy,waalaikumussalam. Hoping the flame won't die out any soon. Got time will write Insyaallah. Have a nice day nahmy.

  24. Cold sweat and countless rehearsal before the event were true indeed. We made it in the end. Thanks to you as project leader that had highlighted the team members and produced a such great outcome.

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