>trust me…I am a dokter


For the past few days, I had this rare opportunity and personal pleasure of spending copious hours looking back and trying very hard to figure out what I had gloriously achieved the previous year. The search, it turned out was getting harder because unlike others, I don’t have the wish-list to begin with in the first place. After some times, I then realized the answer I was looking for could not be found anywhere else because in order to measure the success in life, which is very subjective, ones has to really bankrupt the mind and subjected themselves to be fooled by this superficial world and prosthetic life.

So naturally when I received a suspicious looking brown-stamped envelope from a really suspicious organization of which I’d never heard before, I though my lucky star was really shining and I hit the jackpot.

I was auspiciously being nominated as “a leading scientist of the world 2011”! That was one mouthful accolade. Still in an euphoric feeling, I was not sure if my colleagues in Kebun getah sekangkang kera would be impressed by this ‘unsangkarable’ news. But I was pretty sure my kampung folks will surely celebrate this outstanding world achievement with at least nasi kunyit ayam panggang for months – and wayang kulit thrown in as well.

In fact I’d almost called our local news and mainstream tabloids for an inaugural press statement. This great news will surely make a headline and beat any news about our local artists personal affairs.

But hey hey hey…wait da minute. After an elaborate but free consultation with uncle Goooogle, my 10 minute fame and the journey into stardom (and perhaps a Dato’ship) suddenly and momentarily short-lived and evaporated into thin air. No wonder the letter smelled like a fish. There was really something fishy about this whole affair to be honest. First, how could such a supposedly prestigious organization didn’t even bother to at least write my name correctly. They can just simply consult uncle Goooogle and make some effort to write my name properly. Secondly, why should I send them a cheque with the amount similar to a year salary of a scientist in Bakino fraso – if there is one exist- just to get this pseudo-award. What a shame. That was really an insult and really put me off. Suddenly the glamorous life, self-glory, and fame become so cheap.

This is another clever scam among many other form of scams out there, lurking in disguise knocking on each door of unwary pseudo-scientists and others for that matter. Those who work only for glory will easily fall prey for this type of scam. No wonder this whole world become so congested with so much confusion lately. That doesn’t include con-men disguises as clever connnnnsultants who do more damage than good with wrong advices and recommendations.

I then searched my soul again for any traces of triumphant feeling and any thought left just to make my good-self smile. None. Life is full of contradiction.

You know what…I should frame the letter and then write a will to my great-great-great grand children to auction it on eBay- 300 years from now. Who knows, somebody might be fooled enough to buy this piece of paper that who knows has already fooled thousand.


27 Responses to “>trust me…I am a dokter”

  1. >drSamtahniah..haha..*sekarang memang banyak perkara2 macam nih..yang penting kita perlu berhati-hati dalam membuat keputusannya..nasib baik la drSam mintak bantuan pakcik google tuh..kalau tak, satu malaysia tau, after press statement tuh..hehe

  2. >dr sam… macam2 sekarang ni. entahla ada je skim yg bukan…ini mcm kes org nk jadi dr…kena belajar dulu lakan…..tul tak.kalau semua dr..x best gak..hehehehteringat seorang artis dpt title DRtapi x diiktiraf ….nasib badan

  3. >pal7,tu la…kalau tak dah kenduri besar kita. Nasib baik la orang kampung belum tahu lagi :)besi,Malaysia Boleh memang tinggi cita-cita dan harapan. Cuma bila dan tinggi sangat cita-cita tu, terus terkapai di awangan. Kena sentiasa berwaspada.

  4. >macam macam kaedah kreatif dia org ni nak menipu dan untung atas angin….by the way, Dr sam kenal ke dengan Dr shahrom, dia dah bersara pun..

  5. >Salam Dr Sam..by reading LEADING SCIENTIST of THE WORLD 2011 at a glance, i'm impressed, seriously.. without reading the entry, and without realizing the 'dokter' is spelled wrongly.Then i started to read the first para…ok…the second para…ok.. Wowww, you wanna call news, your story must be in the tomorrow's headline!.. and then the third para…ok…the next para..Waaa..it was a scam!! Ok i'm not impressed anymore…haha..Just kidding Dr..don't get mad aa,

  6. >Assalamualaikum…I thought you had mistakenly typed the word 'dokter' … ops scam rupanya..Zaman ni kena hati-hati Dr..

  7. >zino,Bagi sesetengah, menipu dah jadi seperti makanan sekarang ni. Kalau tak tipu tak kenyang…Dr Sahrom memang saya kenal sangat. Good comrade. Dengar cerita buka restoran somewhere kat Nogori. Ada juga hajat nak menjenguk tapi tak kesampaian. Sedare Zino ke?Afida Anuar,Salam Afida. The letter almost got me too as it sounded very convincing at the first glance. I will normally ignore such invitations and bogus-sounded announcements saying you had won millions in a lottery money you'd never bought before (normally congested my e-mail). and don't play play with a mad dokter aaaaa….

  8. >Abd Razak,WSM Ustaz. Dalam berhati-hati tu pun ramai juga yang terkena. Kaki pau ni memang pandai dan kreatif.

  9. >Sangat berani mereka ni nak tipu golongan profesional pulak sekarang. Selalunya by email je benda scam ni, pakai surat macam real la kononnya.. kena la kita lebih berhati-hati.

  10. >eBay huh, what a good idea

  11. >Huhuhuh….I get e-mails offering me millions every other day too. Too many generous people ot there, I say!Cons are just cons, they will stop at nothing to make a fast buck! Glad U are one smart guy, to check up the letter first!

  12. >baru je nak tumpang melompat kegembiraan, drsam! tapi tak apa, mungkin satu hari nanti, ternyata impian ini. masa tu, kita semua melompat lagi! ok, whats with the melompat and gembira again?

  13. >DianaAR,selalunya golongan profesional le yang selalu kena tipu. selalunya yang perasan terlebih profesional le :)mirachantek,Good idea needs to be shared…VersedAnggerik,We'll be smarter after we'd been conned several times. It becomes our precious learning curve some called it experience. True confession nih hi…hi…DrNotts,Ha…ha…lompat jangan tak lompat. No hal punya DrNotts. I am hoping one day we will 'lompat' together for our glorious achivements. Kalu ada le 🙂

  14. >Doc,your last para reminds me of Transformer,Sam Witwicky…hehehhhh…if u really want to do that over ebay,dont forget to include ur specs too!!Dokter Seng..hv a pleasant weekend a head!

  15. >vahh doc fofulerr tewwww.. ehehe

  16. >ada pulak diorang masa nak buat surat-surat macam ni.. penat aje excited.

  17. >Macam-macam corak penipuan sekarang ni.

  18. >sally,Hey…you know what? I still got my first spec. Even though it is not in a pristine condition but I afree with you, I think it will grab attention of some autobots from the space. It weight a tonnes. Good idea ticer :)en_me,Hopefully not for the wrong reason 🙂

  19. >aliaaroslan,agaknya berapa lama dok perah kepala otak untuk mengarang surat yang kreatif dan inovatif tu ya.Tie,macam-macam adaaaa Tie…

  20. >…Nicholas S. Law..? eh… rasa macam kenal…

  21. >yohteh,kalu betul yohteh kenal, acu gok gi tulong khepok pale dia tu yohteh. Nakal sunggoh Nikolas ning…

  22. >Saya percaya…tahniah!

  23. >Professional people… professional scam.

  24. >ckLah@xiiinam,Terimakasih di atas kepercayaan yang tidak berbelah bagi tiu ckLah.Sir Pok Deng,Suit them well.

  25. >Dr Sam, Masa I baru jadik lecturer (naik pangkat dr tutor a.k.a org suruhan), ada a few emails I dpt from Nigeria, China and ntah mana2. Diorg nak jadik student PhD I!! Ayat dia baikkk punya! Dia kata kite ada high qualification in this and that area. tapi I tau itu semua scam, nak visa masuk our country. Mula-mula kembang gak lubang idung kena puji kannn.. bila reality struck, hehehe.. malu sendiri, hahahah

  26. >Dokter, I wonder where do they get your add? Google perhaps?

  27. >Doc, you're a successful person if your definition of success is a journey-based! Definition of success should not be destination-based. Or else, you'll be disappointed as the material things that you define as success are not in your grasp! My two-cents!

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