I found the cure for mouth ulcer

To be honest, during my entire adulthood budu has never become the main menu in my daily staple diet. That was until a few months ago, out of a sudden I found this ancient fish chowder started to get intimate with my tasteful palate for no obvious reason. I am getting hooked. That in a way is quite worrying because my food consumption almost double than normal which obviously shows around my belly.

My recent love affair with budu has nothing to do with global warming or endemic political turmoil that has no end. I am dedicating this special entry to this special product from the sea because recently I discovered after intensively consuming budu without fail for weeks, my mouth ulcer cured faster than ever. That was possibly a coincidence but it worth some further scientific exploration. If I could I would educate myself further in this unique kampung culinary and would love to delve deeper into the secret lives of this fermented anchovy to reveal the secret.

Coincidentally, Budu is high in protein and uric acid content so naturally it is not recommended for people with gout problem.

To the keropok lekor nation’s perspective, this fermented fish broth is not just a condiment to amplify one’s taste bud or a complimentary accessories to an elaborate traditional dishes to impress the moody mother-in-law. It is a civilization. Probably the evolution of mankind started with this simple dish but yet so satisfying. This blissful side dish is part of collective history that bring friends and families together.

Budu comes in many different visual and taste forms to suit one’s creative mind. My father’s favorite would be a combination of budu with tempoyak durian of which never had short of supply in my mother’s kitchen. I am not a culinary expert or a food connoisseur but this budu has it owns kick. My personal ideal budu version would be more meaningful if enjoyed with ikang singgang (Ganu fish soup) or just deep simple friend fish. Blissful!

For some, budu is simply part of their life. For them having nasi without budu is just like having a blind date with a blind. It’s another fine art to appreciate life.

53 Responses to “I found the cure for mouth ulcer”

  1. >…pele-pele cerita bab budu ni… mari dengor bedikir lah dulu (klik)… hehehe…

  2. >yohteh,buleh masuk to 10 lagu ning :)psssstt…guane yohteh tidur lewat malang ning…sejuk hujang musing boh ke?

  3. >I put budu+cili padi in my curry maggi way back in 1997, zaman sekolah MARA.. sedappp!!!

  4. >bestnya tengok budu..saya suka letak mangga muda cincang halus dlm budu…

  5. >Dr Sam..This reminds me to my friend, from non-keropok lekor nation, he eats budu with almost everything….Nasi lemak with budu, nasi minyak with budu, nasi ayam with budu. Even goreng pisang pun cicah with budu!…hehePS: Think you should propose a research la dr sam, whether budu can really cure mouth ulcer…who knows..if it really does;)

  6. >one of the best "cicah2" gravy!

  7. >dulu-dulu catz tak reti makan budu..tapi dah banyak jalan-jalan, belejar+kerja bercampur org, plus i really enjoy pantai timur food (nasi kerabu etc), lidah dah suka jugok dgn budu..tgk gambar tuh kecur lah DrSam pepagi ni..letak mangga muda..oh..teringat nasik ulam cikgu di kota baru.:)

  8. >Salam:)Pernah suatu ketika mendgr kata2 Pak Ungku Aziz..beliau suka budu!!Rasa bangga jap…sbb org sini pun suka!!ops!:)

  9. >Dr.Sam,Budu cap ketereh selalu ada di dapur emak saya. Suka makan budu dengan ikan singgang juga.Sedapnyaaaaaa

  10. >saya kehilangan identiti melayu sbb tak mkn budu belacan cincaluk, kicap tamin saya suka ler😉

  11. >Salam Dr SamYes you gotta love Budu … with beta-carotene (red palm) oil, its my favourite seasoning for salads.But a quick cure for mouth ulcers?? With that diet, never got any since! For me, it must be the prevention.But the cure I have for mouth ulcers before budu days is a few drops of hydrogen peroxide (6% v/v strength at most pharmacies) on the ulcer every 6 hours and the ulcer's gone in 24 hours!BTW, I chew chilli padi in the raw so the stinging of H2O2 on the ulcers/open sores is nothing to me. Do enjoy trying out this remedy!

  12. >cik lurpak,Brilliang! that was a very creative way of diversifying the consumption of budu. You should write to Maggie manufacturer and recommend them to come out with a new budu-flavored-maggie🙂 How about than?anntaj,budu ni boleh dikira macam SKII ala kampung le kot. makan budu kulit jadi putih melepak… Sebab tu saya rasa orang Kelate dan Ganukite putih-putih melepak (keculi yang turun kelaut hitam menawan le sket)…betul ke?

  13. >Afida annuar,Hebat…hebat…another good idea. Probably we should alleviate budu status into a more trendy food condiment and enter into high street eateries, michelin star or boutique restaurants. Imagine if budu was to be served in our Malaysian airliners…ada kelas gitu.ps: I have been thinking the same as well. But some researchers in our local universities have already indulged themselves in the secret lives of budu. I am more concern into the properties of budu that can possibly cure bigmouth-disease among my colleagues for example.

  14. >aliaaroslan,have to agree with you :)catz,nasi kerabu jangan sebut pagi-pagi ni catz…tu lagi kecur…aliff muhammad,apa-apa pong…budu cap ketereh juga yang sedap…apa rahsia dia ye?

  15. >Pn kartini,Salam pn. kalau dah sedap dan suka tu, tak kira bangsa, agama, dan keturunan. Saya percaya, kalau mat saleh suka makan budu pasti lembut lidoh dan deme buleh kecek kelatae sebutir-sebutir🙂 maksu,Tak Melayu hiland di budu Mak su🙂

  16. >Red Alfa,Salam kanda RA. thanks for the tip on mouth ulcer. I have to tabik spring you for enduring the pain with chili padi and yet at the same time still have pleasure to enjoy budu. No wonder you have a very nice lips – the bleaching effect of H202 is surely very obvious (Need clarification with Kanda Zen though :)have a nice day!

  17. >Me? I prefer tempoyak instead..heh

  18. >I cannot la dengan budu. cicah sket dh mcm loya. hehehe… Anyway, if i kena ulser, i just letak asam boi kat tempat ulser tu. pedih la sekejap..but sembuh cepat.

  19. >Dinda, I can attest to kanda RA's love affairs with the budu, H2O2, cili padi. Currently also include yogurt, shandong groundnuts, kari kambing(as if you don't know hehe).But as to his lips, check this out *winks*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hdq5KIc-PU&feature=related

  20. >salam Dr.cukup dgn budu dan cili api sebagai 'lauk' saya mampu menghabiskan nasi panas 2,3 pinggan. tapi itu dulu, sekarang tpaksa kawal sbb boleh menyebabkan saya resdung, gatal2 badan & sukar kawal diabetic diet. caranya mudah saja. "pantang jumpa." jangan simpan stok budu atau makan budu di depan saya. kalau jumpa, memang saya bedal cukup2.p/s- kat pasar payang saya baru terjumpa budu dlm botol kecil cap terung. sedap sgt rasanya.

  21. >I used to be given some 1-3 kg of anchovies for helping fishermen downloading their fishes from the boat back in 1963 in Seberang Takir. I brought back the anchovies to my mum and she used them to make budu.Over time she has few tempayans/guris of budu.In 1964.. when we moved back to Pulau Duyong.. my mother used to sell "budu berekor (incompleted budu) and normal budu to kampung folk..That was my first brush with budu..I consumed when there are people who loved to consumed them .. I only missed budu when there is fresh ikan panggang.. sedak tu!!

  22. >*drool*My Mother grills ikang pateng for tonight's dinner. Gotta eat that with budu!Anyway, does budu make the tongue of its eaters un-user friendly to English pronunciation?

  23. >hehe…mungkin betul kot..🙂 baru2 ni saya gi tganu, best makan ikan singgang dgn budu tempayan…

  24. >budu.. tak leh masuk larugi satu nikmat dunia

  25. >Salam Doc,Hampir setahun dah tinggalkn pantai timur,but we always have continuous supply of Cap Keterah budu in our kitchen..Yes good source of protein makan ngan ikan goreng.My kids love it…

  26. >Budu?…i simply luv it! Mine would be the one served with lots of onion,cili api and lumau kasturi..plus tempoyak or durian = mother inlaw lalu blkg pon tak perasan! One big problem wirh budu is,it makes u eat more..and more…and more!!!!

  27. >Mengingatkan seorag teman Indonesia yang pernah bermusafir lebih 18 tahun di Malaysia yang sangat mengilai BUDU…..

  28. >pok,ehh doc..hehehe..kalo budu masuk dlm menu Malaysia airline harus2 harge budu di kelate n ganu naik mencanak2 sbb dh jadi international menu you..hehehe..

  29. >ashley,I am still trying hard to figure out, what part of my palate needs to be switch on for tempoyak. Budu is on…belacan is on…cencalok still off too…SBB,No harm…citarasa masing-masing. having a sore mouth and eating something very salty is one experience. But I think it is not the salt that cure the sore mouth. Must be the preservatives (formaldehyde, Acids etc.). In budu case, I suspect all the friendly germs plays some roles as well.

  30. >Zendra-Maria,Yes…forgot about the mouth-watering lamb curry. Hey…Shandong groundnuts is my favourite snack too. Pagoda. But after some blabering from my significant half on the litters from the empty kernels…I slow down the intake lately la…He…he…Cliff richard…piewahid,Salam sdr piewahid. Saya tak pernah beli budu sendiri sebab entah macaman stok dia tak pernah putus-putus. Ada aje.tapi bab tambah nasi bila ada budu tu memang tak dapat dinafikan. itu yang menjadi masalah besar sekarang ni. rungsing kita dibuatnya. dah le eksais tak seberapa. Camne ?

  31. >Wan Sharif,1963 Seberang Takir must be a very scenic place Ayoh Wang. full of fishermen activities I guess. But now I hardly see any tempayan budu around anymore (last one was in my grandmother's house). Korea still store kimchi in many-many tempayans and we can still see their kimchi tempayans around. But budu tempayan, no more. Pity.Budu berekor? First taing ni dengor ayoh wang. Are you sure it was not berudu berekor :)The only person who is really deep in love with budu in my family is my father. Kalu ada jering jeruk atau jering hok tanang dalang tanoh tu, makang nasi panas cicoh denge budu pong jadi. Kelah…Sir Pok Deng,I know you and me must have been growing up with budu as part of our culture. some ganukite still cannot speaks the normal 'national language' as it should be speak correctly and people will instantly recognize the budu slang. I don't know about you :)Luckily the we don't smell budu.

  32. >anntaj,saya dah lama tak makan budu original tempayan tu…sebab tu tengok kulit macam dah 'berkarat' sket :)besi,saya pun baru aje dapat masuk :)Memorable trais,did your liking to budu evolved after bermastautin di pantai timur or before? Soalan questionaire ni…Sally,Looking at the respond, I think somebody should open a budu club soon. I am sure many can share similar feeling, new idea, or even a budu outing 🙂

  33. >denaihati,Lama bermusafir tu. dia menggilai budu atau pembuat budu tu encik denaihati hhi…hi…Naddiea,Sebab tu lah kita kena pakat naikkan murtabat budu dan makanan seangkatang denganya. Jadikang makanang bertaraf international. solek budu comel-comel sket dlm packaging mesra alam, rebranding, giatkan promosi (Kerajaang pong kena sokonglah jugok – majlis resmi kerajaang kena ada budu belake🙂 Guane gamok?

  34. >Dr Sam.. ur wonderful story telling masih awesome as always.. miss archive of time sooo much… it's been a long time indeed : )

  35. >PerantauSepi1306,Hey…welkang back! where have you been all this while mdm?

  36. >Aarghh! Hunger pang hits the moment I saw that photo!

  37. >Doc,buleh aje tapi kena masuk parti politik dulu baru buleh bagi cadangang.dok kira la parti kerajaang ke pembangkan ke.kalo dok,dok kemana la cadangang hok bernas itu.Pertama2 kerajaang kelate n ganu kene wak dulu progreng hok seumpama ini.pahtu baru buleh gi international.insyaallah…:D

  38. >Kat peti sejuk ckLah pun ada budu kaan bagi….suka,tapi tak boleh makan. Bersin….

  39. >Hi dad, I'm still wondering the curative abilities about this budu. My luka dalam mulut has already cured..And btw, check my blog dad, you SHOULD check my blog….

  40. >salam doc, this should become a listed-medication in hospitals & clinics.

  41. >tak pandai saya makan budu..hee hee.. ikan terubok sarawak pun best! Hmmm… any connection to the post kah hey??

  42. >drSam..hi..lama x jengah drSam..bila saya berkawan dengan budak2 kelantan dan terengganu..barulah rasa nikmatnya tentang budu..tambah2 lagi masa di rumah sewa, makan ramai2..budu memang tak tinggal..

  43. >doc, budu is my all-time favorite! i can even make some of my kelantanese friends amazed and jaw drop!my family is crazy of budu and we could even eat it with rice and some raw cabbage! this is the real finger licking good!some people in my office claim that it's not good and could give me hypertension which i was surprise why many kelantanese do not get hypertension? i know salty stuff is unhealthy but… er!i can kick out sambal belacan at anytime for budu! second would be cincalok!here in penang (bayan baru to be exact) we have nasi ayam budu and i'm one of the addict there! :)take care doc.

  44. >★(◣_◢)★(◣_◢)★(◣_◢)(★◣_◢)★buat pembaca blog kami http://firestartingautomobil.blogspot.com/http://bukandoktorveterinar.blogspot.com/★(◣_◢)★(◣_◢)★(◣_◢)★(◣_◢)★Kami Kembali lagi… Maaf atas lama tak ziarah… Sorry bebanyak agak ketinggalan lah banyak entry kamu… coz banyak hal sibuk ngan bagai-bagai urusan lah… Sorry…maaf bebanyak dahhhhh……wooooo budu + cili kampung + bawang + Limau nipis…. terangkat sehhhhh mmg nasik berpoinggan-pinggan lah nampaknyer bertambah

  45. >Nin,Time to search for that magical thing in the fridge…Naddiea,Pertama-tamanya kena tubuh parti cap budu lah dulu gamoknye…ckLah@xiiinam,stok mesti penuh…terutama kalau ibu bapa datang. Tak payah terkejar-kejar dan tercari-cari kat mana jual budu.

  46. >One,I am being wondering as well, whether budu has something to do to your good brain.nahmy,Now…that sounded like a good business plan bro.Ida Athanazir,Ikan terubuk sarawak dah tak payah cicah budu lagi. Memang dah sedap. Tapi kalau nak di padankan juga pasti 10 pinggan nasi pun boleh🙂

  47. >pal7,Ada berkawan dan berumah sewa…susah senang sama dirasa. budu pun begitu juga…sama-sama rasa :)Faisal Admar,I was in Penang last week. I should have contacted you for that wonderful nasi ayam budu.Afzainizam,Saya kena buat disclaimer lagi lepas ni. "apa-apa masalah kesihatan yang timbul selepas membaca entri budu ini, atau bekalan nasi tidak mencukupi apabila dimakan dengan budu tidak menjadi tanggung jawab saya"🙂 Makanlah budu dengan berhemat ya…

  48. >budu cicah ikan kembong rebus goreng… still simply the best

  49. >Zareda Norman,memang kombinasi kegemaran saya tu.

  50. >Ya Allah sedapnya Budu!!

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  52. My recent love affair with budu has nothing to do with global warming or endemic political premature ejaculation cure turmoil that has no end. I am dedicating this special entry to this special product from the sea because recently I

  53. Probably the comment maigrir vite online evolution of mankind started with this simple dish but yet so satisfying. This blissful side dish Buy Acai Berry here is part of collective history that bring friends and families together.

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