Pimp up your ride

With four superb superheroes actively seeking for adventures at home during their school holiday, I have to crack my brain and probably my wallet too in coming with some ingenious plans to satisfy their holiday craving. I know the idea of going for a picnic, having a BBQ that ended up with charred chicken or a family-friend get together having a cuppa and lamenting about the recent fuel hike won’t appeal to them. The plan has to be sophisticated, exciting and bullet proof.

So I thought the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow (KLIM 2010) might be the answer to their quest for an adventure and pacify their boredom. We went there last Tuesday and as expected there were loads of automobiles with advance technology and huge horsepower on display. In fact the display was quite diverse. I think the visitors were a bit distracted with unholy sighting of the other natural beauties and it seemed they were cemented to the automobiles as body kit or their optional accessories. The more that natural accessories attached to or hung around the automobiles the more visitors aka photographers attracted to the automobiles and appreciated the technological wonder – it was a huge magnet.

Frankly speaking, there was nothing much to be mesmerized with despite all the hype and huge display that occupied 4 halls in PWTC. There were few hybrid cars from our locals but they looked more like a half cooked steak – quite raw. International big boys hadn’t much muscle to show off either. There were some exotic Italian power-trains exhibited but they were not new and already in the market for quite some time.

I expected to see at least some futuristic innovation in motoring industries such as a car that can also wash and dry clean my dirty curtain, or an MPV that allow me to chuck in all my scientific data into their OBC (on-board-computer) and fulfill my KPIs with some good scientific papers, or better still a supervan that can swallow all whistle-blowers and backstabbers in my office and make them disappear into oblivion.

The crowd was huge. At least I can easily say it was more than the crowd watching our boring Piala Merdeka tournament. Probably the prospect of winning one of the hybrid cars in lucky draw contests was one of the reasons for the big turn up. Most came with some sort of camera and some with a full fledged camera kits in a big bag that can bend you shoulder.

I think going to this event was not the kind of activity that suit for the whole family. With pole dancers showing off their impressive bumpers and skimpy dressed young lasses pimped up the cars, this automobile showcase should be labeled as 18sx! Our friends who have just come back from performing haj are strongly advised not to come either.

This is the closest photo that resembles a car I can safely and confidently share with you without being labeled as a pervert paparazzi. Most of the cars on display were either fit with an artificial body kit or equipped with supercharged engines.

This was actually the main reason why my family went to the show. A full-size Bumblebee that I thought could replace my foreign maid and do many daily chores at home. If you want to get a picture with this Autobot, you have to pay RM15. This cybertronian knows well how to live in our Bolehland. There is no free lunch and everything here doesn’t comes that cheap anymore.
This Batmobile was another star attraction to the show. Luckily this Batmobile didn’t has any body kit or supercharged engine attached to it, thus I can happily share with you the whole photo.

LED is another good invention by humankind. It safes a lot of energy and looks cool too. But an invention is meaningless if it cost a bomb.
This prototype looks more like an oven to me than a van. I thought it will fit and sit nicely on my kitchen cabinet. You can dump the whole lamb parts after the Qurban into this cute prototype and 20 minutes later you will get a nicely cooked lamb kuzi for the whole family. Cool isn’t it?

This is ingenious. The only thing worth coming to this show was to see this very practical and clever invention. A green transportation. The body of this car (?) is actually made from jute – a natural strong fiber that is so strong it can harbored a big tanker to the shipyard. The practical part of it, if you live in a rural area and work in a paddy field, you can fill this car with rice and store it safely even during flood as it is so light it will float.

32 Responses to “Pimp up your ride”

  1. >Assalamualaikum dr sam…ahaa, my friend was so dissapointed with the bat mobile. He thought it was the real one. Unfortunately not…PS: mcm rugi pulak tak pergi hari tu…errr

  2. >Doc, if you do find that supervan that can swallow backstabbers and ball-carriers, please let me know. I want one too…

  3. >dr sam… wah mcm menarik jemoto show tu…happy weekend

  4. >Dr.SamBaru sahaja bercadang hendak ke sana sebelum pameran ini berakhir. Namun dari ceritamu, rasanya tidak perlu. Habis penuh bakul dengan dosa kering aje..

  5. >Assalamualaikum…Tak berpeluang nak pergi, dan kalau diberi peluang pun rasanya kena fikir banyak kali (…'young lasses pimped up' tu yang tak tahan)

  6. >Afida anuar,WSM Afida. Almost everything in our Bolehland is getting cheapo and fake. Even a smile.Tak rugi tak pergi. Tengok kereta dan beca kat Muzium Negara lagi berbaloi.Oldstock,Yes sir. That supervan if exist will surely make our office a heavenly sanctuary and our delivery system will be super efficient.besi,sepatutnya begitu le tak payah ada 'pelaris'. Dah terikut-ikut sangat dengan konsep dan kepala otak orang poteh. Sepatutnya penganjur kite ni belajarlah tonjolkan identiti keBolehland dan keluar dari kepompong pemikiran ikut-ikuttan. Sepatutnye le…kalau letak makcik jual goreng pisang sebelah kereta tu agak-agak laris tak…goreng pisang tu 🙂

  7. >aliff muhammad,Dunia materialistik semua ada tanda harga. Dosa kering pun paling-paling, harganya hanya RM20 satu kepala (hujung minggu) dan RM15 satu kepala hari biasa :)Abd Razak,WSM. Penganjur sepatutnya kena lebih perihatin dan sensitif dengan sentimen umum. Pameran sebegini sebenanya banyak yang boleh dipelajari, dicontohi dan menjana idea baru. Pendedahan teknologi dan rekabentuk kepada anak-anak dan pelajar boleh membantu mereka berfikir secara kreatif. Tapi banyak sangat 'dedah' sini 'dedah' sana yang haru tu. Ustaz kalau pergi kena pakai spek hitam yang di'tinted' 99.9% nih 🙂

  8. >Cuti kali ni , hantar anak anak balik Klatae …termasuk dengan TokMa sekali

  9. >salam,i was thinking to go KLIM this coming weekend. kalau gitu tak payah pegi lah ek.hik. mcm ala2 tgk pameran kereta konsep je ke? with sexy ladies around the car? –> tah apa fungsinya. so people would get attracted gitu?hem…fees masuk berapa? catz dgr iklan kat radio, budak2 RM5.00. adult berapa ?

  10. >as salam tuan..hebat pameran ini..tapi saya tak berkesempatan untuk pergi

  11. >pB,anak-anak nak sangat balik kampung dok dengan atok tapi mak bapanye pula yang takut kesunyian :)catz,this weekend sure has the biggest crowd (last day). Ada la juga kereta model baru dan tak berapa baru, prototype, hybrid, aksesori dll. Nak senang bayang masuk show room kereta – cuma tambah awek-awek kurang kain sebagai pelaris. tiket RM20 dewasa (15 weekday). Family package RM 40 (2 adults + 5 kids below 12)…selamat berhujung minggu.sahromnasrudin,WSM. sepatutnya memang hebat.

  12. >does not look very interesting to me…maybe because they don't have any models around the exhibition…hehe

  13. >…dok mari ke Tganung éték..? nok tupang kelih gok balah mana…

  14. >khairy,sound very interesting, look very interesting but it was not me ….yohteh,…ganung tengoh maing peghahu layor, hok tu kelah lagi…

  15. >Kalau bawa anak lelaki saya, Nabil…mesti tak nak balik!

  16. >nampak nya tak berpeluang nak pegi kali ni tunggu keluaran akan datang.. hehe

  17. >ckLah@xiinam,anak saya nak cepat balik…sebab lapar :)zino,edisi akan datang boleh kita buat rombongan…

  18. >Salam DrSamSo, you thought the van looked like an oven? I can agree with you on that. Let's call the van OVAN. I enjoyed watching the photographers in action more, including the 'kapcai' photographers who were adamant that their antique compact cameras would do justice to the beautiful models (I mean the vehicles!). Me included! Have a nice day.

  19. >Salam DrSambanyak tul pamaran hujung tahun ni pB dan aBear miss ..he he hedah sarat pun , masih dok berangan nak berjalan jalan lagi

  20. >OHOOOeveryone is talking about this event! I miss it! gosh….tq anyway for sharing the pictures and the story Dr Sam 😀

  21. >♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫ Salam Ziarah buat pembaca blog kamihttp://firestartingautomobil.blogspot.com/http://bukandoktorveterinar.blogspot.com/♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫adoiiii sorry banyak tertinggal entry ko ni…. bussy sejak-sejak ni….woooooommg canggih… cuma aku ak berkesempatan tinjau lebih dekat tuuuu

  22. >KLIM ni mcm best tp bila baca part model2 tak cukup kain tu terus rasa x best.nanti lain pulak yg ditengoknya.hehehe….

  23. >I like that – not advisable for new hajis. Meaning it's advisable for old hajis lah… hahaha…

  24. >Temuk,Salam Temuk. I have to say that was a heavenly platform for our budding photographers to get free 'subjects' for their hungry eyes. In fact, I had become one of the subject too, while busying myself fiddling with the complex setting of my camera (in order to get the correct exposure :)OVAN is one great name. I think our local car manufacturer should consider the idea seriously.pB,Salam pB. Tgh sarat ni kena hati-hati sokmo. Berjalan sakan tu bagus tapi kena bertempat bagi orang yang sarat ni. Kot ter…kat dalam OVAN :)Saya doakan semoga semuanya selamat.

  25. >zafi,No worry zafi. I think similar event in Europe has a lot more to offer. Afzainizam,Tak sempat datang…lain tahun boleh rancang awal-awal. Kalau boleh pamirkan hasil seni orang kita lagi bagus – terutama seni mengecat kenderaan yang unik.

  26. >Naddiea,Nak kata tak best tu, memang le best juga. Cuma kena pandai-pandai jaga mata dan pilih mana nak tengok 🙂 Minggu ni ada pameran setem pula…jom…Zendra-maria,Ha…ha…you've made my day lah kanda…new hajis, old hajis and future hajis included…

  27. >saya pun pergi….dapat la daily lucky draw, 2 tiket grand stand untuk F1.Yeaaayyyy….3 hari ok…Siapa la yang menang kereta erk?

  28. >18sx, anak2 masih bersekolah rendah ker dah sekolah menengah? saya rasa yang enjoy to bab tgk robot tu ler.. kalu setakat tengok skirt, hhmmmm, tak payahlah

  29. >Cahaya hidup,Bertuah badan…tahniah! Mak su,Rating tu untuk semua Mak su. Yang sekolah rendah, menengah dan juga lepas sekolah macam kita ni 🙂

  30. >★°°•.★°°•.★°°•.★°°•.★buat pembaca blog kamihttp://firestartingautomobil.blogspot.com/http://bukandoktorveterinar.blogspot.com/★°°•.★°°•.★°°•.★°°•.★betul mungkin tak ade rezeli aku lahhh lain taun nanti aku mana lah tau aku buat pameran kat sana plak yeee…. mustahil lahhh kalau aku…

  31. >wang;Ambe dok tunggu gok komeng dari Sisters-In-Islang (SIS) pasal mek2 kat KLIMS tunjok bik dia, tapi dok tubek2 stabok harang. Kalu komeng pasal Islang lain SIS tu cepat sok mo. Tapi bak ning, senyap tipah.Actually, the KLIMS dis showcase another milestones to the advancemet of Automotive Technology. At least it showcase the ability of local engineers to be able to sesign and develp own cars. Look at the concept cars Bezza by Perodua engineers, and some others by Proton engineers.Mung ingat dok masa zamang kite kecik2 dulu….melayu dok leh wat Sains? payoh.. melayu dok leh wak stabok.lening, melay buleh belake, Pilot, F1 drebar, buat kapal di MMHE, Buat Offshore Plaftorms, jadi juru Kapal selam pun dah ada… doktor, pakar2 hutan dan lain2 tu jangan sebut lah….Perhaps we take it for granted, and not looking back to where we were.The acquisition of technology is long, hard and costly.. who would want to give it to you.. and give it for free? So, its a long road to acquire these know how.I am in Oil & Gas business.. 30 years ago after graduation, we do not have ability to build own ships, or build our own Oil & Gas plaftorms that is scattered offshore Gannu kite. They are design and build by Americans, Koreans and Japanese. Now, we have the capability to design, built, install those. We even export those to Middle East now.Same thing with Cars.. the KLIMS showcase the now we have the ability – albeit at its infancy – to develop our onn ideas on cars.Guana?MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  32. >Mat,terimakasih banyok Abang Mat maghi deghak ke blog ambe ning. Pasal siste-ing-islang tu ambe dok buleh nok komeng lebih-lebih sebab deme lebih gedebe dari set-set gedebe kedai buloh. Takut deme maghi ajok goccoh, melaghat dok pasa-pasa kekgi pakat mapuh keghah bahang tanoh belake :)Apa pong, I have to concur with you Abang mat on our local talent. We are not lacking in having our homemade brains – giving the right opportunity, the right environment and the right motivation we can be at par or even better than the other nations. The only problem I can see – the brains are bound by some rigid internal policies, bureaucracy, guidelines, rules & regulations etc. which suffocate creativity and in the end retard the best brains available. We want to compete with the world but forced to live in a box. The saddest part is, who manage these brains? – the no-brainer!Mintok maah lah Abang mat, bunying macang emosenel lah pulok 🙂

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