Not the usual suspect

At the time of writing, I have lost all the feeling. When I first received the unexpected but jubilant news from my significant half my feeling was beyond description. Time has eroded all my emotion. Almost. I was speechless as zillion of euphoric feeling flooding the inner me. That day I sat quietly at the dimly lit corner of the airport lounge and after so many years, I shed my triumphant tears again. The last time was 11 years ago, after the three mat saleh examiners of my PhD viva shook my hand and uttered that magic words… “Congratulation Dr Razak!”

Whether it was a sheer luck or his brain cell developed exponentially brilliant after consuming too much talk nineteen to the dozen by my significant half, my second progeny finally succeeded to line himself in his school hall of fame, following the footstep of his elderly brother three years ago. In the beginning, he was neither the bookworm stereotype nor the person who was willing to spend 5 minutes munching the numbers. Although in appearance I have to admit there is quite an evidence that he is trying very hard to look very smart. You’ve finally made it my son!

I have to thank my luvly jubly significant half for her countless sacrifices, sheer determination and until the final hour never loosing her hope. Where there is a will, there is a way. And of course The divine intervention more often than not, always work with the law of nature.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you love. Thank you boy. Both of you are really great. Extraordinaire!

Another important archive of time to mark his life achievement. More reason to celebrate as that was actually his double inaugural experience standing on the podium and having the chance for the glorious moment to be immortalized in this digital form for the whole universe to witness.

If minus too much indulgence getting drawn into the dark side of internet social network, or spending too much time chasing, whacking and kicking zombies on PSP, I am sure these innocent young faces will one day become an important asset to our country.

Congratulation my boy, I am proud of you!


30 Responses to “Not the usual suspect”

  1. >Tahniah..Bijak macam bapanya….

  2. >Ayoh Wang tumpang gembira dan bangga atas kejayaan anak geng kerpok lekor

  3. >congrats to anak bapak 🙂

  4. >a job well done, boy!

  5. >Tahniah buat anakanda..Tahniah juga utk ayahandanya..Ini permulaannya…Semoga terus success:)

  6. >inilah anak bapak…tahniah kepada anak dan ibu bapa nya sekali..

  7. >Assalamualaikum…Tahniah buat anakanda dan ayahandanya..Moga terus cemerlang dalam pelajarannya…

  8. >Congrats Doc..Tiada yg membanggakan melainkan apabila anak2 menunjukkan kejayaan yg cemerlang dlm pelajaran..I feel you n I am sure there are many more to go..

  9. >alhamdulillah & tahniah! semoga jadi seperti ayahandanya 🙂

  10. >Congratulation!Kak hazeleyed dah comment sebelumnya but never shoeed up???wajah anakanda ni saling tak tumpah ayahnya…Like father like son…bijak!

  11. >Congratulations to the WHOLE family!!! So very proud of you :)))

  12. >Tahniah!Tahniah semua sekali!Mana nak tumpah kuah kalau bukan ke nasi..

  13. >congrats for both father n son!!

  14. >Congratulations!!!

  15. >Tahniahini langkah pertama untuk menggapai kejayaan seterusnya..

  16. >tahniah!!..moga dia akan terus menjadi insan yang cemerlang di dunia dan akhirat insyaAllah…

  17. >…Tahnioh "Awang" wéh..! nok pah kuane kalu dok nngikuk ayoh… dok kénéh..?

  18. >Tahniah Doc atas kejayan Anakanda Doc itu..:)

  19. >AssalamualaikumTahniah kepada ke duanya.. moga terus berjaya..p/s t.kasih singgah blog maiza..

  20. >tahniah…dr sam hebat…anak2nya pun hebat..

  21. >tumpang bangga!cayalah! tahniah…like father like son..:)

  22. >Heartiest congratulations fr Auntie Maria & family. We're really proud of you,handsome young man! :D"I shed my triumphant tears again" I love this part & apparently I could feel the way you felt at that moment. I believe almost every proud parent can relate to the "moment" as even as experienceless as I can be, I really anticipate "that moment" in the near future (wished Adam & Ayesha could read this :)Congrates again Doc & sis!

  23. >♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kami DAtang Ziarah Blog Anda~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫tahniahhhh….Bijak…. Bijakkkk…. ayah nya pun mmg pandai ni kan pula anaknyatahniah yee….kena usaha lebih gigih lagi kerana ini baru permulaan langkah….

  24. >Congrats Doc, on the success of your son. Must have been good work from the parents too..

  25. >Alhamdulillah…moga dapat diteruskan kejayaan itu….The PROUD father and mother for sure akan'senyum sokmo'tahniah pada semua!!

  26. >wah..bestnya..Anak2 Dr Sam bijak macam Dr Sam juga.Tahniah sy ucapkan..seronok tengok bila anak berjaya.

  27. >Alhamdulillah…Semoga terus berjaya.

  28. >alhamdulillah and congratz to ur son ^.^ menjadi anak2 Dr sam ni 🙂

  29. >Thank you everyone for all the good wishes. I pray your kids or the future one will succeed too and become somebody who can contribute to our ummah.

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