World cup live from d’ lambo club

The sun was so kind to shy away behind the clouds when I drove back to the keropoklekor land on Friday for a holiday break with my family. It was quite a pleasant journey through the undulating LPT highway cruising smoothly with the speed of a Tomahawk missile. A ‘saman ekor’ is expecting anytime next week as I came face to face with ‘mat misai’ skodeing through his speedy scope on my uncivilized driving manner somewhere along Gambang stretch. No doubt about it. Momentarily I forgot that this is The Bolehland and Autobahn-alike is somewhat existed only in the brain domain of F1 wannabe.

We had several pit stops along the way to refuel, refresh and some quick photo snap on the beautiful beaches scenery just to satisfy my shutterbug frenzy. By this time, the sun have come out from its sanctuary and shone obstructively to the coastal inhabitant. It was hot. The air was so dry you can easily dry you hair faster here than using an air drier.

The heat if not managed properly could cause your brain to melt and become something unrecognizable but tasty more or less like ‘bubur lambuk’, or worst one could have a fever. The fever has spread indeed in this keropoklekor land as the moment I arrived the sight of my countryman succumbed to the word spread pandemic was very obvious.

So far I am very cautious and trying at any cost avoiding from being overheating thus catching this fever. The best advice is to stay at home or simply becoming a couch potato in the comfy of one’s own house. Meanwhile, the lambo club sprouted vigorously throughout the keropoklekor land and their activity become lively when the dusk beat the day.

The lambo club members so engrossed watching Messi from Argentina dribbled the balls around the field. I stopped over briefly to greet my country men and secretly captured the moment on film for the whole world to see how ingenious and creative my country men when the football world cup is concern.
A few hour before the kick off. The place was a very close neighbor’s lambo or probably more popular known as a geghe. For your intimate knowledge, the television was just unwrapped from the box delivered by Ah Fatt of Kuala Trengganu. The diurnal audience were all close relative, having a preview on the new TV performance.

A soft reminder to my fellow bloggers. The banner says it all. It is o.k to catch the fever but please do not get involved in any of the judi forms that are also sprouting alongside this prestigious sport.

Have a nice day guys. I am off to Bandor to sample some more delectable local dishes. Keropok lekor anyone?

26 Responses to “World cup live from d’ lambo club”

  1. permission to copy this banner, please?

  2. kat kg mana tu?…ada kendurikeke bercuti…dr

  3. Salam…Suasana piala dunia di kampong, sungguh tinggi pengaruh bola ni ya doc..!

  4. MashaAllah..Thank you for recording the ingenuity of the inhabitants of kerepoklekor land, it make me proud nonetheless.. to see there is strong sense of camaraderie and sharing among the have and the have-not.. Used to promote this kind of activity and love the atmosphere.. be it lambo club, geghe club or surung club..

  5. KOG,Yes please. You are welcome to do so. TQbesi,saya sekarang bercuti kat kampung di Terengganu. Musim cuti sekolah sambil bawa anak-anak balik jadi orang kampung sambil jumpa atok dan nenek masing-masing.Abd Razak,Salam sdr Razak. Orang kampung dengan cara orang kampung, nak lepak kat starbuck atau kedai mamak tengok skrin besar tak ada kat sini. Jadi memang begitu dari dulu-dulu, berkumpul ramai-ramai sambil minum kopi/teh dan biskut kering tengok TV.Wan Sharif,I feel very proud myself to have the opportunity of becoming part of my country men's daily life. It reminds me of my root. Yes…these kind of communal activities that make a kampung…a kampung.

  6. Salam DrSam… wahhhhhhhhhh bestnyer balik kampung… kirim salam kat yunie erk…kirim kopok lekor boleh? hehehehhe

  7. grow2g3th3r,Salam dla. Insyaallah saya akan sampaikan. Yunie sekarang tengah sibuk sangat jaga baby dia. Keropok lekor no problem.

  8. Seronok berkumpul begitu di kampung…paling best, mendengar masing-masing memberi ulasan, lebih bijak dari pengadil. He..he..Teringat kecil-kecil dulu tengok Combat di rumah jiran (rumah sendiri tak ada TV), kena bayar lima belas sen dan dapat kacang putih sebungkus.

  9. I haven't watched any of the games yet…probably the mood is too somber to even enjoy the WC…hmmmm

  10. Salam,Dr. Sam,I'm a social outcast in this fever. Certainly riding a bicycle much more fun then spending one hour seeing 22 men chasing a ball he!he!he!Minta maaf lama tidak ziarah ke mari. Komputer di pejabat dan rumah sama mogok.Ini baru boleh berjalan-jalan sebab baru beli komputer lain he!he!he!Seronoknya dapat balik ke kampung!

  11. ckLah,betul tu ckLah…selain ulasan di TV, ulasan penonton yang berbagai-bagai itu lah yang mencuit hati. ashley,With that kind of mood, probably it is not wise for me to recommend you to take the first step before get caught with that dangerous fever.Wishing your jolly to come back soon.aliff muhammad,Salam aliff. I used to be a nocturnal species during world cup too…but that was many many years back. I agree with you, cycling is much more satisfying and rewarding. selamat bermain-main dengan toy baru🙂

  12. Selamat bercuti di kampung doc. Takde orang sponsor ke tv flat screen, baru seronok tengok ramai-ramai.Nice weather to take beach pictures I see. We'll be seeing those in the next post I hope.

  13. eh, you got astro there doc?poor thing is rtm never subscribe 7 and 10pm matches! hate them😦

  14. oldstock,Came back to KL last night. Switch off the holiday mood. Orang kampung janji boleh tengok TV, kira dah orait tu.Faisal Admar,I am not sure if they hooked it with Astro or not, but I watched the 10pm game between Argentina vs Nigeria live on TV 1.

  15. I very hate sama ekor

  16. Football is fun when we are watching it with a bunch of people. The togetherness is more exciting than the game itself I guess..

  17. world cup fever everywhere =p

  18. …sedap jerénggéng atas d'lambor tengok bola, ingatkan kelab di Peranchis… hehe… kalu tau awal ari tu, gi tupang ngetéh gok sekaki…

  19. Orang kulim,sup ekor best tu :)Nite garden,Yes, you are right. The audience that create the mood and the jolly ambiance.Sitie Bum Bum,kalah 'saturday night fever'yohteh,ambe tuppang sekaki duduk atas moto je yohteh…hok jerenggeng tu sebab se'eh kenyang makang pulut siang tu.

  20. ::: masih lagi di keropoklekor land ker dr.sam? [huhu] lama jugak bercuti ye bro ni, sempena cuti sekolah? highway terengganu dah siap ke skrg? dah 2-3 tahun lamanya kali terakhir saya ke sana.. masa tuh highway tuh masih dlm pembinaan. mmg dengar khabar byk speedtrap kat situ. tapi janganlah jadi highway m'sia spt di Autobahn jerman [huhu] saya pon takut nak pandu kereta tanpa had laju. rasa melayang..::: ingatkan demam flu ke apa, rupa2nya demam bola makan bola tido bola. mcm best lak tgk suasana kampung bro tgk bola kat luar rumah.. sempat tuh ambik gambar [huhu].. kat tv kita pun ada main teka2 berapa gol, kira judi ker tuh atau baru intro? anyway mmg best tgk world cup tahun ni, harap jerman boleh menang ler [hehe] favourite saya tuh.. apa2 jer laa, asalkan masuk keje biarlah sebelum 8 pagi [hehehe]..

  21. Wah..such a great moment. Nicely share with people around u. Indahnya hidup bermasyarakat. thumb up doc!

  22. ReActivate,dah balik ke KL selepas 5 hari bergelumang dengan keropok lekor. Highway LPT masih sampai setakat persimpangan Jabor tu aje. Ikut ucapan PM, RMK10 ni baru nak sambung semula pembinaanya. Kalau siap, sepenuhnya tak le penat sangat perjalanan dan cepat sikit sampai kampung. Tapi entah le…Tengok bola ni memang kena ramai-ramai baru seronok dan riuh rendah. Kena pula kalau sambil tengok tu makan ubi rebus panas-panas dgn air kopi panas…fulamak.JohnJenin,Thumb up to the Mek Zah who is willing to sponsor the TV and provide a 'ghehe' (a small shed close to the house) for the kampung folks to watch the game.

  23. ::: [hehehe] terliur baca komen dr.sam : kopi & ubi panas! tuh belum lagi cicah dgn sambal ikan bilis.. pergghh! lapar plak saya!😀

  24. ReActivate,ha…ha…bila balik kampung memang tak sempat kering air liur…ada aje mende yang nak disua ke mulut🙂 Musim candat sotong ni, sambal sotong yang paling banyak. Ish…ish…tulis ni pun buat saya terliur🙂

  25. wow.. meriahnya tengok world cup ramai-ramai. nasib baik TV senang nak bawa ke sana sini.. kalau TV besar macam zaman dulu.. payah nak angkut tu..🙂

  26. annfrendly,ha…ha…betul tu ann. nasib baik TV cap ayam sekarang pun ringan juga.

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