Pok kor – a stranger in a strange land

There was much talk in the Rubberland scientific community for the last few months on how to preserve our brain size and sanity at the same time due to excessive indulgence in a peculiar ritual of compressing and tickling the brain, some sophisticated mortals called brainstorming. This practice had increasingly becoming a malignant force that break apart many restless souls. Many had missed their periodic Friday night sacred services to their loyal partner at home, overindulged and too much carried away by the call of duty.

Despite numerous years of digesting the books and technical journals, I just found out recently that brain is one precious organ that required the most energy from our body in order to function properly. Any attempt to squeeze the brain for any illusive ideas, will put much strain to the organ and exhausted our body. Having realized that, my curiosity as to why some of my colleagues dozed off and melt into the oblivion during those many night brain-squeezing sessions was at last answered. Some even purposely left their brain at home and join the zombie army.

This blog comes to live again after dormant for quite sometimes as I finally found my brain again, stuck in between the microscopes in my laboratories.

One interesting encounter though worth mentioning here while having a break in between storming the brain was my sighting on this interesting terrestrial creature lurking in the bush, probably sending out a signal into the celestial planning to dominate our world. In the Keropoklekor land we called this lizard ‘pok kor’ or a more elaborate honorific ‘tokki angguk’. To the One-nation, I believe this lizard is more well known as ‘cicak kubing’. To the untrained ears this creature’s name sounds more like a disease without no cure.

We need at this point examine the reason why this lizard of which coincidentally can also change color to suit the surrounding are becoming a familiar sight in the Rubberland. In the Far-land this lizard is known as crested tree lizard, or when engaging a fight this creature turns red thus was also dubbed as bloodsucker lizard. This lizard is related to iguana, but unlike other lizards they don’t drop tail and run for their life leaving their comrades behind when threatened or encountered any danger. But as my newly-found-brain is increasingly showing symptoms of sluggishness and need to be lubricated more with time I think the question for the time being is better still left unanswered.

One thing for certain however , if this lizard and its similar species roaming wild and free at the foot of the Fraser Hills tomorrow, this could wreak havoc and caused some interesting turn of event that goes down in history.


33 Responses to “Pok kor – a stranger in a strange land”

  1. salam Dr….pok kÊr angguk..? yes, they're ready for tomorrow's straight fight in the arena isolatedly at the western-foot of Titiwangsa in a mobbing behaviour…

  2. Salam DrSam :-DNo wonder studying is so…. tiring! But when someone is not sleepy trying to absorb whatever the lecturer is saying does it mean that one is not putting enough energy to drive force into it? And sometimes, it seems like being in two places at the same time – the body and part of the brain is trying to listen to lecture, the other part of the brain is actually doing a check list of what to do once reaching home and what to buy at Tesco after dinner!!! Too much! 😀

  3. Salam Dr Sam…Tempat saya biasanya cicak ni di panggil 'BAJA', amat sukar nak jumpa binatang ni masa kini, selepas pembangunan yg amat pesat.

  4. it has been a long time since i heard someone mention cicak kubing. in my childhood cicak kubing is the epitome of nature where we live side by side with all kinds faunas, these days the only animasl we scurry around are the rats, roaches and house lizards.i once went to a motivational course where the constructor said there are three kind of people there, the participant who indulges in every activity, the tourist who comes for fun and the ones who were dragged on therie feet to be there. the zombies are in that category i reckon.

  5. pok ker angguk?cicak kubing?….geeeee..how interesting!!

  6. Assakamu;alaikum Ganukite, very interesting observation, of direct relevance to Rubberland.If I may add, on brainstorming, "storms" come, "storms" go, some without any impact but some very devastating, but the "brain", if not properly nurtured, remains forever muddied. I once saw a poster which read: "Wise men, when they rule, make their subjects wiser, but fools, when they rule make idiots out of their subjects".Warm regards to all,Halim

  7. Hi Dr. Sam,I've been experiencing the same symptons of brain freeze for the past month, mine was stuck somewhere the many thousands of words and phrases that I do officially for work. I'm heading to Tganu on the 7th-9th, hoping to catch something interesting and turn it into a feature article to lure those mat salehs to come to our shores 🙂 I know I wouldn't be short of writing materials in Tganu.

  8. dr sam.. ekor cicik leh tumbuh jika putus……jika saintis dpt cari jwpan…leh la sambung mana2 yg putus

  9. I DO NOT LIKE LIZARDS .. gives me the chill and geli habissss

  10. salam Dr Sam,mmg panggilan cicak kubing atau pun sumpah sumpit masa sy pakai lagi.

  11. yohteh,now the battle is over, pok kor can rest and wait in their habitat to ambush another unsuspecting prey.mia's mom,Bravo sis! You have finally achieved the highest level of controlling body over soul. Welcome to the zombie world!Abd Razak,Salam. Pertama kali saya mendengar perkataan tersebut. Mungkin juga mahkluk tersebut ada disekeling kita, namun tidak kelihatan kerana kepandaian penyamaran.

  12. mizzyN,cicak kubing is a very special creature. It symbolize a certain behavior of good adaptation to the ever changing surrounding. For the Malays this behavior is probably described better in 'masuk kandang kambing, mengembek …."In my place, I found zombies to be roaming in every corner of the office. I sometimes become a zombie too – depending on the mood.

  13. ashley,an interesting creature in a very interesting environment.wyograd,WSM orang lama. Thank you for sharing some wisdom here. Now our kebun getah is experiencing more storms that usual. Everytime the storm hit, it leaved a trail of destruction behind. Storm-chasers flocked the site was a norm. My hypotheses – lightning strikes because of enough saturated negative charges formed above and hit the lingering positive charges down below. In order to neutralize the charges one has to balance the ratio between both (+ve/-ve) or remove both.Cinta,I am quite positive that you won't experience any brain constipation while enjoying keropok lekor or nasi dagang along the beautiful sandy beaches in Terengganu. Have an enjoyable and safe trip to Terengganu.

  14. besi,Canggih idea tu. Cuba bayangkan satu masa nanti, ada saintis yang mungkin terputus wayar kat kepala dapat cari jalan bagaimana memasukkan gen cicak ke dalam sel anggota manusia…putus tangan, tumbuh…putus kaki, tumbuh…putus kepala…sayorana!Ida Athanazir,Me too. Used to not that 'geli' handling those scaly and creepy-crawly creatures, but now…zue,salam zue. sumpah sumpit memang jarang sangat didengar sekarang ni – tuan punya badan pun jarang sangat kelihatan.

  15. Salam DrSam :-DI 'll be "brain-dead" before I know it! 😀

  16. er, doc…i thought cicak kubing is chameleon? which this one is not cicak kubing right?in penang, we called it tok khe.

  17. blog bukanlah hakmilik kekals, kena berehat seketika,salamm doc n thanx singgah ke blog haku yang xde apa2 tuh,

  18. Mia's Mom,Salam sis. In your current state, it bet is quite dangerous if you are infected with that incurable disease.Faisal Admar,Both are synonymous, especially in their behavior. Tok Khe…same here.thunbergia,kembali berkongsi idea dan cerita bila ada kelapangan.

  19. salam..cantik sesumpah tu..betul ke?kata orang tua sesumpah kalau naik dibelakang tengkuk kita, dia takkan mahu pergi..saya takut dengan sesumpah ni sebab ianya macam cicak… ada duri2 tajam kat kepala lagi tu..macam cicak 'punk'..hehehe

  20. annfrendly,salam ann. saya pun begitu. seingat saya, orang tua-tua cakap kalau dia lompat ke kepala, habis tak mahu turun. mungkin version cerita yang sama. sebab itu masa kecil-kecil, bila nampak aje sesumpah ni terus cabut 🙂

  21. Doc, sometimes brainstorm far-silly-tators pun terpaksa jadi macam cicak hangguk2 tuh…

  22. Salam DrSam Lama sungguh tok napok Pok Kor nie …

  23. Zendra-Maria,betul tu kanda. Far-silly-tators pun sometimes have to go with the flow.pB,Salam pB. Pok kor napok je kita, kita yang selalu dok napok Pok Kor.

  24. bila buaya terputus ekornya…

  25. Dr Sam aku dah list kan blog ini di teman tapi mesra @ denaihati.com/teman-tapi-mesra-2

  26. secangkir madu merah,buaya kudung pun jarang kedengaran mengganas – habitat banyak ternoda.denaihati,Terimakasih sahabat. Aku menunggu kek spesyel yang dah lama aku tak merasa kau belanja.

  27. Salam..:)Pok kor angguk ekk..!aduhaiii..geli lak dgn spesies ni..!!:):)

  28. Pn. Kartini,Salam pn. Saya dulu tak lah geli sangat dengan mende-mende sebegini, tapi sekarang alergik lah pulak 🙂

  29. Doc,nadia akan lari mencicit kalo nampak pok kor ni.geli sesangat!

  30. salam Dr sam,sumpah2 bertukar warna demi kepentingan diri & ada di mana2 dalam kehidupan kita…

  31. DrSam..LIBL panggil pok'ke… Haiwan yg sezaman dgn dinasour..if not mistaken lah…

  32. Naddiea,mesti pok kor tu akan tersenyum aje bila tengok ramai yang lari mencicit bila ternampak dia :)piewahid,setuju. pok kor ada dimana-mana.LIBL,Dinosaur yang dah semakin mengecil. Sesuai dengan peredaran dan perubahan zaman.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

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