A scent from heaven

I thought man in general has a very good sense of direction. Especially when driving. He doesn’t need a map or even a co-pilot on their side to find certain destination or particular location. Even to find ordinary items like their tie pin, socks, car key or their children whenever they wanted it. They will almost certainly find it with pin-point precision. It is a pure instinct and come naturally for a man. Otherwise how a sperm, man’s most potent biological super weapon precisely self-guided and landed on the exact spot, on the correct moment on one lucky female egg if not because they have their own natural global position system (GPS) and probably the head of their own.

So it is quite a revelation to me last night during a hasty preparation to the usual terawikh session, I just couldn’t find my ‘minyak kasturi‘ on its usual place. That was probably another dark side of man I guess. Their GPS is totally shut down whenever they are looking for something, especially that some thing is in the house, with their wife around.

In the house, man can never find anything they are looking for even if they are actually looking at it. This is one of a few time I actually if momentarily consider to have a second thought on men supremacy except their sexual libido. I always thought women in general and my wife especially has a very bad sense of direction, but I was wrong this time (this statement is made to save me from sleeping on the couch tonight 🙂

However, I don’t want to indulge too much discussion, fearing the unimaginable consequences from our female counterpart, on the scientifically unproven theory above but on a real subject of interest which is ‘minyak kasturi‘.

Not until quite recently, I had no idea whatsoever how it is made and what ‘minyak minyakkasturi is all about. In fact, I seldom (read never) used or apply the ‘minyak‘ or their closest attar relatives before. A personal preference really.

We thought we have a cyclopedic knowledge of everything. But we are not. Contrary to popular believe, minyak kasturi or a ‘musk deer’ as it is known in the other part of the world, is not extracted from any other part of plant such as from bark or flower (unlike any other perfumes), but from a part of the body of a male dear found mainly in a mountainous region close to the Himalaya.

In reality, minyak kasturi is actually extracted from a special gland , a musk gland (the first pic) that is more often than not found in between the genital and umbilicus of this special mammals (Mochus musciferus). As many other glands in other male species, this gland originally is to attract the opposite sex for their intimate companion of course. For animal lovers out there, to get this glands you don’t have to kill the animal.

So you can imagine my excitement and interest when Ustaz Malik Jin (he is well known for his ability to dispel and dispose the unseen), who conduct a regular dhuha class and an alternative clinic in Subang Impian, explain in lengthy the heavenly origin, its remedial wonders and a scent of choice for our prophet Muhammad s.a.a.w. this minyak kasturi is. I was actually very excited when he told us that he has in his collection the original musk gland and also the minyak for all the jemaah to see and buy.

So why in the fist place after so many years I’ve decided to enter a new blissful transcendent phase of my life getting alliance with this gift from heaven? Obviously not because I wanted to attract the opposite sex as the other mammals naturally would do, but purely because I wanted to embrace this new experience and its spiritual benefits.

Minyak kasturi is believed to have many divine benefits. Among others are to sharpen ones mind, asthmatic relaxant, strengthen external organs (need to clarify which particular organ), to pacify anger and anxiety, to reduce nervous breakdown and so on and so on. The list is too long for me to pen it down here.

My last word of wisdom if there is any left inside my brain, before I get ready for another terawikh session tonight – as we are now entering the last phase of Ramadhan trimester, I hope most of us has already done with our lailatulkamdar, but seriously seeking and striving very hard for the elusive and sought after Lailatul Qadar, the night of Decree, the night where so many sins are forgiven and so many fault are concealed. For it is the night of forgiveness.


46 Responses to “A scent from heaven”

  1. Special GLANDS?what gland?It looks like 'buah kelapa bersabut' to me…

  2. I have to read again and again…err..err..ha ha ha..maybe I need to study these glands..rather closely..GEE

  3. Dr Sam, I readily admit that I have a terrible sense of direction, cannot read maps, cant tell left from right and suffer a bad case of spoonerism. But I can usually find what I am searching for, unlike someone not fifty miles away from me. The usual morning greeting would be, "where's my glasses?" and throughout the day, "glasses" would be substituted with book, keys, magazines, etc.and yes, I have heard about the wonders of minyak kasturi.Insyaallah,I pray we have not missed the Lailatulqadr.

  4. Salam DrSamhmmm…quite an info…

  5. good info..hehe..tak pernah cuba pulak minyak2 cmnih

  6. Salam Dr.Sam.Selam Berpuasa.Boleh tak GPS mencari barang kita yang dicuri.kalau dia boleh cari minyak kasturi atau almiski, tidakkah dia terjumpa juga dengan kepala rusa terlebih dahulu. hehehe..saja mengusik.

  7. Dr. SamI beg to differ. When RA and I go on road-tours, I'm the navigator/map-reader whilst he drives. Occasionally when he is alone and lost somewhere, he'll call me on the phone to help guide him using google map.Maybe I should buy him Minyak Kasturi to help his sensory perception, but I have to test it first lah.Is this coincidental or what – my word verification for this comment is "eronica", nasib tak "erotica" hahahaDoc, singgah my blog please for a humanitarian cause. TQVM.

  8. Dr Sam,You really could meander from finding directions, to …, to minyak kasturi, musk from deer exclusive parts to Malam Lailatulkadar. Um….Yes musk is also used as basis for perfumes. I have heard of wonders of Minyak Kasturi but have yet to smell or try it. Have smelt minyak gaharu though.In the meantime, have discovered that minyak gamat does wonders to the scalds on my fingers – the pain immediately disappear and no sign of scalding at all.s

  9. aliff muhammad Says:

    Salam,Dr.Sam,Hmm…:)minyak kesturi. Used to see it in Jalan TAR. The glands also, quite pricey though!One things that I noticed, man in finding direction a point to a point never ever wanted to ask around. He!he!he!Semoga beroleh Lailatul Qadar Dr.Sam.

  10. oooo..org kata mulut org puasa wangi seharum kasturi di akhirat kelak tuh, kasturi ni ek? ingat limau kasturi..mana ada wangi limau kasturi kan? hehehBTW bro,selamat menyambut raya yang bakal menjelang…tak dapetlah nak gi your open house nanti, ingat dah berjiran leh tibai banyak2 :p

  11. kucingorengemok Says:

    oh ingatkan dari pokok! hehe…

  12. Eh. Tak tau pulak pasal ni. Ingatkan minyak ni diperbuat daripada bunga. Hehe. Thanks for the info, Doc.

  13. Salam Dr Sam…Nice info dr…Selamat beramal sebelum ramadhan berlalu

  14. Salam..Sebut pasal kasturi..ada bait dlm lagu nasyid..Seharumnya wangi kasturi tiada terperiHarum baunya menghiasi diriDari hati kan jatuh ke hatiPastinya dari hati yg. bersihItulah hembusan kasturi:) Pe2..info yg menarik..Tq:)

  15. Always thought minyak kasturi came from the limau. Thanks for the info. I think this mnyak sesuai for men only, due to the musky smell… betul tak?

  16. ashley,at first, that 'kelapa with lot of sabut' looked very suspiciously weird to me too.The gland can be a good study for academic purposes. I have one with me if you want to seriously ….study it.Kak Teh,Spoonerism in most of the occasion can be a good ice breaker, in my opinion. No harm and could bring up your charm.He…he… looking for our glasses is a very popular early morning greeting for most of us, who bestowed with sight impairment. hazeleyeed,perkongsian yang tidak seberapa semoga ada munafaat bersama.Dino,Cube le…Leenoh,Salam Pak Ngah. Usik mengusik memabawa mesra. GPS ni biasanya para isteri yang biasa guna Pak Ngah…buat tracking kat mana si hubby berada 🙂

  17. Zendra,Imagine this …if kanda RA enter one of the car rally championship in his red Italian powerhorse, i bet you can be a good co-pilot and with kasturi as a booster you can beat all the other contestants easily.hi…hi…hoping no erratic thinking after reading this entry.Read your entry. Will answer the call ma'am.NanaDJ,Thanks for the comment. Any public blog of yours? Gaharu has only recently caught many attention for its volatile substances properties. Many have jump the bandwagon planting the tree. Gamat is always good its healing power. aliff muhammad,Salam. Yes, I heard they were sold at Jalan Masjid India too.Man O man…

  18. Maya,Agaknya begitule…wangian syurgawi.Tahun ni dok kelik Kelate lah ye. Kat sana tak ada sate kangaroo ke :)Salam hari lebaran di perantauan.KOG,Mulanya saya pun ingat macam tu juga.Titil,Itulah rasanya tanggapan orangramai. Sebab itu saya berkongsi maklumat yang sedikit ini untuk munafaat umum.Razak,Salam sdr. Ramadhan sudah dipenghujung. Masa tidak menunggu sesiapa, terutama yang alpa.Sama-sama mengejar masa yang berlalu laju dengan amal.Pn kartini,Banyak bait-bait lagu, puisi dan bicara cinta menggunakan ungkapan 'seharum kasturi'. Siapa nyanyi lagu nasyid tersebut?ladymarko,You're probably not the only one who thought that kasturi comes from the limau kasturi. Me was thinkng the same (I thought it was from the flowers).Since the musk comes from the male deer, presumably you are right. Though there is no mention specifically it is exclusively for men only. xiiinam,Salam hari lebaran Cklah. Saya pun memohon kemaafan jika ada ter sini dan ter sana yang tanpa kita sedari selama berkenalan dialam maya ni.

  19. PerantauSepi1306 Says:

    hehehe samo la cik abe den.. kalo den adooo yang dia buleh buat pun misti jadik tak bleh.. hukalohhhh lotih mek… 😀 Selamat mengejar Lailautl Qadr.. semog akit amendapat keberkatan yang tiada tolok tandingannya ini 😀

  20. Doc,info yang sangat bagus!!!tapi nk tergelak lailatul-kamdar tu hihih…lama tu x pergi kamdar.anyway,minyak kasturi ni baik utk asthma yer.emm akan dicari selepas ni.sebab both hayyan n me ada asthma.anyway doc semoga kita beroleh lailatul-qadar yang dicari2.ameen…

  21. cerita pasal gps tak leh nak komensbb bujang lagi ehehhehe…tapi dr sam..selamat beribadat

  22. PerantauSepi1306,Kalau den ado, mesti cik abe nak bermajoooo gitu..bukan apoNaddiea,Minggu ni kalau ke kamdar dan kawasan sewaktu dengannya mesti habis masa pusing cari parking je.Boleh cuba minyak tu. Saya pun tengah buat eksperimen ni.besi,sama-sama kita mencari malam itu…

  23. salam ramadhan almubarak dr sam tewww..thanx singgah2 jenguk2 komen2 blog me yg ittewww..

  24. salam dr sam..semuga sihat dan ceria disamping keluarga tercinta dan hidup sentiasa diberkati Allah hendaknya..selamat hariraya maaf zahir batin.p/s akak beraya di kg suami di teluk intan kemudian baru pulang ke kg akak di jb macam ni lah setiap tahun..dr beraya dimana ye..

  25. Salam Dr…..Masih ingat lagi malam tujuh likur.Ceritalah sikit untuk anak-anak muda kita ni.

  26. Wan 0806012 Says:

    Nampak cam mata berbulu….

  27. yginsaf4,Salam Aidul Fitri. Maaf dipinta jika terkasar bahasa.Datil El,Salam Umi. Kemaafan dipohon jika ada kesilapan. Salam Eidul Fitri untuk Umi sekeluarga.p/s: Tahun ni ikut gilirannya ke Batu Pahat, kemudian insyaallah ke K. Terengganu lepas tu.abu muas,Salam. Malam tujuh likur memang masih segar diingatan. Insyaallah jika ada kelapangan dan kekuatan akan kita kongsi pengalaman buat tatapan generasi baru.Wan 0806012,Dah siap sedia semua barang nak balik K.L ke?

  28. huumm ambo tok kesah dop kelik kelate pun, selama dok m'sia pun sokmo berayo di luar kelate hu hu..nok wat ranne mok ambo suko dok maghi moh anok2 dio kat luar neh, tadop sesapo doh pun kat kelate nun..hinsk3xSelamat Hari Raya jugoklarr…demo ucap 2 kali doh ke kawe..ngeee

  29. haha.. 1st time heard bout lailatul-kamdar. thought s typo at 1sthahha

  30. salam aidilfitri buat dr sam & keluarga..

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