Getting ready for the big day

Seriously I thought it was too early to rush out and wandering helplessly with other bargain-hunters around the streets of Jalan Masjid India shopping for this coming Raya. Furthermore, we don’t even subjected ourselves yet to another sin-free month and body-cleansing ritual by restraining from all the forbidden foods that have done so much damage to our body. But my significant half has a different idea, much-much reasonable idea.

Past experience of last minute Raya shopping had caused us to just contented with whatever decently looking fabric available on the street, which ended up so freaking colorful, I think Kumpulan Boria Sungai Pinang would have laughed had they’ve seen us so brilliantly inhomogeneous.

So a few wonderful weeks back, just before I was kicked out from my noble duty in the rubber estate and embraced myself in the warm hospitality of young and freshly graduated nurses, I followed my significant half to the back alleys of Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman, indulging myself nonchalantly in a lifetime shopping spree.

I then realized the atmosphere there hasn’t changed much since my prowling-varsity years. There are still many Indians merchants as usual but there was no more street artisans though, showing off their magnificent artistic skill on the canvases. There was however, many street peddlers from the neighboring countries finding refugees in this Bolehland heaven. I am least surprised, because if you ask them how some of them managed to get a visa, the answer will most probably ‘bisa’.

Back to the main story- we ended up in a considerably new textile mall after consulting our shopaholic informer. I think it was worth the visit as their price was surprisingly very un-Malaysianly cheap, I mean reasonable and acceptable (some don’t like the word cheapo). Before I can even think and passed out looking at the hundreds metres of fabric my wife happily tuck hungrily in her shopping bags I got mesmerized with so many breath-choking bargains the store has to offer. She even managed to buy 2 pairs of fabric for our bibik’s baju kurung. With lightning speed I paid the bill and romantically persuaded her out to breath some fresh air into my congested lung. The mission was however not completed yet.

I was told by my luvly-jubly significant half, some tailors has already closed their book from taking any order for this coming festive season. People in the Bolehland (that include my significant half and myself) got so paranoid these days they even bought their kain for baju Raya way before the Mega sale. But worry not, I know there is one tailor shop in Paya Jaras which has good and luvly-jubly tailors, whom don’t mind sleeping in their sleeping bag trying very hard to finish all the orders even before the Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja has a peek on the moon. Job finally accomplished.

For all the trouble, hunting high and low in the back alleys for the whole family attires (plus 2 for the bibik) , getting our vital body measurement with the family designer in a prestigious boutique which situated close to a pasar malam, at the end I spent less than RM1K. Not bad isn’t it?

By the way, the color theme this year for the whole family is a stormbringer dark purple (again)! Smoking hot…


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