A short illustrated story – ‘my heart almost bleed’

It all started one week ago, when my tummy behaving erraticaly abnormal …..

An intimate peek into my chest resulted in this ghostly x-ray image. This was a follow up from the ultrasound procedure earlier that showed an app. 1cm stone in my gallbladder. The x-ray was actually to confirm what the stone is made of. To my great relief, the doctor informed me that the stone is considered a more ‘friendly’ type of stone – cholesterol type and not the pigment type. To be frank, when I first got the news I had already set my mind that I have to let go the gallbladder through a surgery. In away, I am about to return what I had used and borrowed for the past 41 years. In the end, I just have to take some oral prescription and hopefully the drug will totally dissolve the stone and my gallbladder will finally be stone-free – I got to keep the precious body part again.
Alhamdulillah another good news. A follow-up CT-scan a few days after I was discharged from the hospital showed there was no more wall-thickening of the bladder (inflammatory from the infection) and the stone seems to become slightly small in size.

Looking at that plastic tubing inserted into my vein somehow looked a bit cool. They created this gateway in my body in order to administer antibiotic to kill the germs. My youngest son thought it resembled very much the Autobots‘ weaponry and always amused whenever he saw that. Somehow, my whole limbs in the above picture looked slightly ‘sembab‘ and ‘tembam‘.
It was not until the 4th. bottle before they stop this saline drip from invading my blood stream. With 3litre of liquid laxative that I had to consume earlier to clean the whole intestinal system for the endoscopic examination, it was quite a scene to see myself dragging the whole stand into the toilet every now and then.
This grossly image was not the evidence to show that I was brutally tortured. This was what happen when somebody inexperience trying their artistic skill doing body tattooing on me. The nurses probably thought my body was their canvas and I am their guinea pig. I can certainly feel the pain when they inserted the hypodermic needle into my adipose tissues instead of the vein. The doctor was quite furious when he saw that.
While spending my solitary confinement in the room and waiting patiently for the antibiotic to slowly kick in and kill the germs, I have plenty of time to kill too. Luckily the hospital has their in-house entertainment facilities and with 50 blockbuster movies to choose from plus other local channels, the patient will almost rot in their bed pampered.
A room with a view – the last time I spent my night in a hospital was 7 years ago when I had a dengue fever. This time the holiday package was longer – 4D 3N. It was however the all-sleepless night getaway. The first night was because of the high fever and the following nights because the nurses keep coming in and out checking on my body temperature and giving me medication. I am still on a medical leave until the end of this week and still under another course of antibiotic.

Finally an important point I want to make – deep from my heart I want to thank you very much to all my fellow Bloggers, those who have wished me well, who have prayed for my well being, who have come to visit me, who have called and give me support and to my family and my significant half for being with me all the time. I believed, God listens to you and answered your prayer. May God bless all of you too.

-tHE eND-


One Response to “A short illustrated story – ‘my heart almost bleed’”

  1. salam. saya nak tanya sumthing, berapa cost untuk buat CT scan untuk bahagian perut di tropicana medical centre? currently saya buat check up di sana, dah lepas buat xray, kemudian urine etc. kalau boleh saya nak skip untuk lakukan ultrasound dan terus ke ct scan. tapi saya nak tahu harga untuk ct scan. thanks.

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