Another reminder from the Maker

I am still feeling slightly grodgy while writing this post. But laying on the bed doing nothing, just waiting for the nurses to poke me here and there taking my body fluid and temperature really suffocated me. furthermore, if my wife knew I sneak out from the bed and went downstairs updating this blog, probably I will hear another long lecture on how to be a good husband.

Now I am bedridden again. In Tropicana Medical Center. It all started with just a minor gastric-like symptom. If not because of the three consecutive sleepless nights, I won’t check in into this hospital won’t know for sure that i am having a stone in my gallbladder. To make things more interesting, the stone started to attract many alien in form of E. coli and they started to enjoy their new breeding ground and work their wonder by causing the inflammation and thus septicaemia (blood poisoning) – and I suffered with a very high shivering fever. Alhamdulillah this morning the temperature is back to normal again.

Since then the hospital is actively pumping in antibiotic into my blood stream to cleanse it and flush the bacteria out from my body. The stone will be dealt later.

Thank you God. I am listening to you.

Guys, if fast recovery is the best thing He wanted to grant for me, please help pray for it. Thank you.


30 Responses to “Another reminder from the Maker”

  1. Eh, kenapa ni, Doc? Get well soon ya!

  2. tchersally Says:

    MasyaAllah..i was just wondering earlier today ..mana la Dr Sam niii..lama x update..rupa2nya tak sihat..

    x pe..u are in good hands..just hv a good rest, listen to ur doctors( and ur wife too!!)..Sally doakan,InsyaAllah akan sembuh seperti sedia kala..

  3. kucingorengemok Says:

    semoga cepat sembuh! saya doakan yg terbaik 🙂

  4. nhayatiz Says:

    Take care, love ur body….cherish ur life……

  5. Sakit itu penebus dosa. Alhamdulillah.

  6. Oldstock Says:


    I'm praying for you. Get well soon.

    If you take a break from blogging, we'll understand.

  7. laki cikgu kimia Says:

    lucky that u realize em quickly. getting better k!

  8. Pn Kartini Says:

    Semoga cepat sembuh..

  9. Salam Dr,

    Moga Allah kembalikan kesihatan Dr. Sakit itu biarlah ianya menjadi penawar dosamu

  10. oh dear..get well soon doc!! 🙂

  11. Noraishikin Mohd Salleh Says:

    Get well soon Dr Sam. Ktorang sume doakan yg terbaik. Insyaallah =)

  12. mEiZ SHA Says:

    get well soon doc…
    do yake care too.;)

  13. bersabar dr sam…
    semoga cepat sembuh…

  14. Mia's Mom Says:

    Salam DrSam (:-D

    I jez came out from SJMC 2 days ago. Thought I'm the only hospitalised blogger around. Anyway, I hope you're recuperating nicely and be up & about soon. Hopefully it is true that dosa2 dihapuskan waktu sakit – then it's "cleansing" moment for us….

  15. Naddiea Says:


    Please do take care of urself after this yaa.Bloggers friend will always pray for ur recovery.Insyaallah…

  16. patungcendana Says:

    salam doc…

    lama tak jumpa…tiba2 sakit pulak…

    hope you're getting better now..:-)

  17. semoga Allah menyembuhkan penyakit itu..

    sejahtera hendaknya!


  18. arsaili Says:

    salam..thanks to ashley yg inform me abt you…after talking to you baru la sempt nak lawat blog…so busy coz a few dateline kena kejar…apa pun watch out ur diet k..healthy eating healthy living… sama2 kita menjaga kesihtan….speedy recovery InshaAllah…

  19. madam gold Says:

    Salam Doc,
    Have a good rest and I pray for your speedy recovery.
    Daughter always have that E Coli thing,normally her doc will prescribe Zinacef for antibiotics.
    Another thing, she was always advised to drink a lot of water to flush out the 'foeign' body.
    Cranberry juice is good too.
    Dari doc yg tak bertauliah..he..he..but this is from my experience of having a sickly child.

  20. aliff muhammad Says:

    Wishing you the pink of health…Amin.

    Doc, sakit tu tanda Allah SWT sayang kita 🙂

  21. grow2g3th3r Says:

    Salam DrSam… dla doakan agar kesihatan drSam kembali berada ditahap yg amat memuaskan… bersabar dan di saat2 begini..drsam memang perlu banyak berehat…rehat minda dan tenaga…

    Take Care Dr.Sam

  22. salam Dr.Sam

    semoga cepat sembuh. dan sembuh dan sembuh cepat amin.

    banyakkan rehat Dr.Sam… 🙂

    jgn lupa senyum…:)

    ok cepat sembuh yer…:)

  23. semoga kembali pulih seperti sediakala.
    saya doakan…
    kuatkan semangat.
    doc mesti kuat ya…untuk insan tersayang juga.

    salam manis, anntaj.

  24. cendawanintim Says:

    Saya sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik buat abang sefamili…begitu jua tuk adik beradik yang lain…

    Jaga diri baik2.

  25. Get well soon Dr Sam.

  26. Meen Eunos Says:

    Get well soon DrSam.
    Our pray always be with u.

  27. The Author Says:

    good to hear that you're recovering….

  28. —-@
    rose for you…

  29. patungcendana Says:

    you ok doc? lama hilang…risau pulak…huhuhu

  30. Dear all,
    Nothing much I could say, but thank you very much for all the support.

    Have great days ahead friends.

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