>Another reminder from the Maker

>I am still feeling slightly grodgy while writing this post. But laying on the bed doing nothing, just waiting for the nurses to poke me here and there taking my body fluid and temperature really suffocated me. furthermore, if my wife knew I sneak out from the bed and went downstairs updating this blog, probably I will hear another long lecture on how to be a good husband.

Now I am bedridden again. In Tropicana Medical Center. It all started with just a minor gastric-like symptom. If not because of the three consecutive sleepless nights, I won’t check in into this hospital won’t know for sure that i am having a stone in my gallbladder. To make things more interesting, the stone started to attract many alien in form of E. coli and they started to enjoy their new breeding ground and work their wonder by causing the inflammation and thus septicaemia (blood poisoning) – and I suffered with a very high shivering fever. Alhamdulillah this morning the temperature is back to normal again.

Since then the hospital is actively pumping in antibiotic into my blood stream to cleanse it and flush the bacteria out from my body. The stone will be dealt later.

Thank you God. I am listening to you.

Guys, if fast recovery is the best thing He wanted to grant for me, please help pray for it. Thank you.


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