People come, people go

Another good friend of mine had just closed his final chapter as a lifelong plant pathologist and settled down to lead a meeting-free life in the land of hornbills. Away from his hometown up north, probably avoiding being caught in the endless turmoil and turbulence that almost certainly will spoil his mood to enjoy his early retirement life.

That was after more than 30 years of meticulously looking after one of our major commodities and making sure a disease free environment for the many smallholders. This is a man I rarely see easily getting angry and donning his signature smiling face almost all the time. No humiliation will ever wipe out the smile on his face. I hardly see this trait of warmhearted genotype around, anymore. What a character.

He is not a prodigal hybrid, but so am I. We both live to accept that we are not the immortal trying to unravel the order of this world. Along the way we crossed each others path many time, and friendly dispute is almost instantly become a mutual understanding over a mere plate of ‘nasi ayam‘.

As if everything move in a very slow motion, I can almost see the good old days evaporated and vanished before my eyes. For me, life has just began. Yes, People do come and go as they will. What left for me is to stand tall and brave this messy dysfunctional hectic life. After all, I don’t have a problem donning that biggest and sweetest smile too.

Bro Sham, Happy early retirement and enjoy the sweetness of your after-life. I really hope we can meet again somewhere….some time. On second thoughts, AirAsia is just a click away!


25 Responses to “People come, people go”

  1. retire does not mean end of journey in life…
    i must admit that he already achieved something valuable in his life… someway somehow…Life must go on… live it to the fullest!
    I like your last sentence very much.. wink wink! 😛

  2. madam gold Says:

    Seronok nya dengar people already opt for retirement.Maybe something better awaits him..
    Kalau I pencen,dok reput dalam kelapa sawit lah gamaknya doc..

  3. tchersally Says:


    mcm adik Zafi kita tu kata..retirement doesnt means end of journey in life..teringat masa mak Sally pencen dulu..punya la emo,nangis sampai bengkak2 mata *sigh….

    macam best je kan bila dah retire nanti..we can slow down and smell the roses..dengan harapan,masih dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik..anak2 yg dah berjaya..bla..bla..ish..too much to ask..hehe

  4. Si Penconteng Says:

    This is a man I rarely see easily getting angry and donning his signature smiling face almost all the time. No humiliation will ever wipe out the smile on his face. I hardly see this trait of warmhearted genotype around, anymore. What a character. <– this's the kind of person I really would love to have as my boss 🙂

  5. Happy Retirement!!Retirement is a journey towards to waking up in the morning and still disoriented going to work.. eheheh seen my parents do that (well only my dad)! My dad dress up to work when he actually already retired …Retirment is not end of it… its just a new begining to explore something else… My mom really look forward for her retirement so she join her 'mesyuarat tingkap" heheeh …

  6. selamat bersara dan memulakan hidup di fasa untuk kawan dr tu.

  7. dr sam…belum lagi kan….

  8. yup, it's just a click away!! haha

    anyway Dr, happy father's day eh.

  9. madam gold Says:

    Happy Father's Day doc.May you be a happy, contented father always and all your dreams for ur little pieces come true!

  10. fahmi latiff Says:

    Happy Father's Day Dr.Sam

  11. Nite Garden Says:

    Same wish like others – Happy father's Day. May you always be happy to be a father 😀

  12. ann frendly Says:

    Dr Sam pulak lagi berape tahun nak bersara? ermm… walaupu terlewat 1 hari tapi nak wish jugak… selamat hari bapa Dr Sam.. be a good daddy 🙂

  13. Sir Pök Déng Says:

    I wonder what it looks like being a retired man. You just don't know what to do. Some people made a joke about retired worker; they'll spend their first three months at mosque, then they quit. They'll find 'peace' at home, eat a great deal, get diabetes and die in a private hospital.

    Happy Father's Day, Dr.Sam.

  14. umie@kakyong Says:

    umie tak lama lgi pun nak pencen… hihihi..
    Selamat Hari Bapa utk DrSam..

  15. Selamat Hari Bapa…..

  16. cik_mimie Says:

    soriii..lama xziarah DR…
    happy father's day too…

  17. my dad is retired but my sis still ask him for money 😦

  18. Naddiea Says:

    Doc,my uncle retired early too (recently) he keep on teasing me on my job..what day is today..meeting bla bla bla..somehow rasa jeles jugak.macam best jer duduk umah tp like what my father said the joyful is temporary…lepas tu mula panas punggung nk buat keje apa pun tak tau..hihhi…

  19. tchersally Says:

    ke mana menghilang doc nih..

  20. Hey guys,
    A thousand apologies! missing in action for a while. I had some important mission to attend to and being very low under the radar since then (out station in the dense jungle, away from the short and long frequencies)

    back to the civilization and straight away got another assignments (meeting, conference & seminar). coincidentally My lappy/home pc is still in the ICU 😦 Now sneaking into the office on the way back home to have a peek into my own blog 🙂

    thank you guys for your kind wishes, comments, good gestures and concern. will surely get in touch with you soon. Have a great day!

    I'll be back!

  21. drSam..
    yang bermula pasti ada akhirnya..

    *selamat hari bapa juga doc..

  22. Mencari Sinar Bahagia @ Tommy Says:

    Hi DrSam,

    Sorry too for not dropping by ur blog..Been going thru a lot trials and challenge in life..Furthermore,still haven't give up hope on hunting job coz I really need to go back to the industry as I told U before..By the way,any chnace for me to meet U up one day…:)

    Happy Father's Day…:)

    With Care..

  23. 'retirement'…such a wonderful word. hope to have this in my early years.

  24. JHaZKiTaRo Says:

    salam dari bumi eire

  25. Salam DrSam,

    Sorry for not dropping by, tak berapa sihat, cuma sempat update blog sendiri, anyway Happy father's day

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