Guane gamok Ganu kite ?

If the Roman Coliseum, the iconic symbol of the imperial Rome were not in the existence I am very sure, the collapsed Sultan Mizan Stadium will be listed as another member of The Seven Wonders of the World. But history doesn’t work that way. You need great emperors, great architects, great storytellers and story spinners to make it into the list. Alas, Terengganu only has keropok lekor, nasi dagang and few Pak dalang, the court jesters Wak Long and Pak Dogol. What a shame.

Hard may it seem, there is however no need to point fingers at each other. In a way it is very rude to point the finger at someone else other than poking it into your own nose. As the original Ganu kite who spent my entire pubescent life wondering why there is no single train line/track in the town or connecting the town to other major towns in the west side of Peninsular, I feel oblige to share my own opinion on this serious matter.

The 450 million or more had crumbled with the hope of Ganu kite and probably the entire Bolehland nation when the stadium kissed the ground and bit the dust. That one will be written down into the glorious history of keropoklekor land and passed down to generations to come. I read recently, it will need another 20 millions more for the repair (estimated amount – by whom only God knows). That is million ringgit not in rupiah. I think there is no need to wisely spend another millions when, the crippled stadium who shares the same capacity as the Colosseum (can accommodate 50,000 spectators/ultraman) has already attracted visitors as far as from Kg. Tok Beng to the Lost world of Atlantis.

When I visited the site previously during my ‘balik kampung‘ trip, I saw people came in bus load and vehicles lining the street, ignoring the traffic jam on the Sultan Mahmud bridge to admire and got captivated by the beautiful sight of this new monument. People took photo (as shown in today’s newspaper as well), having picnic and some locals even sold local produces on the site. Business looked very good. Other local landmarks like the masjid terapung, masjid kristal, museum losong looked deserted. Looking at the current status and the number of excited visitors streamlining the place, probably a world heritage site by UNESCO wouldn’t be something of impossible after all. Just leave it that way for the time being.

I say, the money need for the repair is to be put somewhere else of which would benefit the majority. For example, the powers that be should seriously consider completing the LPT highway that somehow got out from their priority list and halted at Jabor interchange. This will cut the journey from the west coast tremendously. Acu, cuba, try that first.

As it is now, the show must go on. Having said all the above and with the joyful spirit of ‘mujo‘ instill strong in each of Ganu kite , I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this special song, “Pasir roboh” to my fella Ganu kita, who read this rambling, whatever you are doing and up to at the moment, wherever you are.

Stay cool, ‘begheh‘ and ‘senyum sokmo‘!


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