Yes chef !

I woke up this morning smelling something very familiar engulfing the bedroom. It was nice, sweet and rich. The smell really made my tummy grumbling. The pungent smell invading my nostrils led me to jump out of my bed and straight away heading to the kitchen. In my clumsiness negotiating the stairs, I almost bumped into my cheerful significant half and she greeted me with the biggest smile ever. I could see that she was very occupied with her chores preparing some delectable delicacies. But this time the ingredients and the amount of raw cooking materials packed like a mountain on the small table in the kitchen.

Rumi : “Kenapa banyak sangat barangbarang kat dapur ni, nak buat kenduri ke?” I am trying very hard to recall if I miss any important event.

Juli : “Bukan kita yang nak buat kenduri, jiran depan rumah tu mintak tolong masakkan.” the internal affair minister explained.

Rumi : “Sejak bila pula buka bisnes catering ni” Just trying my luck, hoping to see some ladles flying in the air. Nope. No luck.

Juli : “Dulu masa mengandung, Az (nama jiranbukan nama sebenar) ada bagitau dia mengidam nasi beriyani yang kita masak dulu. Tadi dia minta tolong masakkan, tak sampai hati pula nak hampakan” With that, I just left her and got ready to see my dentist (that jaw-dropping experience can be another episode – just like Mia’s mom said. But probably not interesting enough and not worth sharing in this blog anyway)

I seldom spent much time in the kitchen as that is not my territory. I later realised since the first time I met my significant half, some twenty years ago, she actually melted my heart with her gastronomic skill. In fact, I should have thanked her now, if not because of her wonderful skill in the kitchen I would have been so skinny, a mere gusty wind of Pantai Batu Burok will surely blown me away.

Now that she is a full time housewife, after leaving her teaching profession a few years ago (that is another interesting episode to share – but let her, the internal affair minister write it herself in her blog), she can passionately spend more time in her command center. In a away, that really made me worried. Now I have from time to time, checking the needle in the weighing scale just to make sure it won’t swing that much from my comfy zone. I remember when we were in the far land, the land of fish and chips, I ate so much of her cooking, when we came back to the Bolehland nine years ago, were like a ballon, if we accidentally sit on a pin sharp grass, it will almost surely made us burst.

Probably my dear wife, you can open a small catering services or a cosy restaurante and fulfil your childhood passion to have your own business.

Yes Master chef, I will be your first loyal customer!

Our bibik diligently assisting the master chef getting everything ready for the big showdown. During this critical moment, it is wise to keep my distance from the ground zero. The wonderful smell of finely prepared condiments will caused my tummy to sing a familiar notes.
I didn’t expect to have another gathering by law-abiding-citizen in my neighbourhood to be that soon. We have just had one earlier this month. This time another member of law-abiding-citizen who had missed the previous gathering take the initiative for the members to gather and got update with the latest local news.
No, they were not actually waiting for the freshly cooked nasi beriani being delivered from my kitchen but anticipating another members to join the corrum.


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