Somebody stole my heart from the balcony

Drooling over something that looks nice, beautiful and neatly kept is something that I could engross myself for hours. This adoring indulgence started during my childhood time. Ever since I knew to ride a bicycle and found the way to tour my sleepy hometown, the keropok lekor land, I started to spend time in philatelic shops or book stores and treated myself with something interesting like stamps, coins and other odd and collectible items.

My hobby turned into a fiery passion when one day I received an offer letter and went to seek more wisdom in Bangi. I am not ashamed to admit – it was my first time ever I step out from the keropok lekor land and missed my early morning ‘nasi dagang’ breakfast ritual. That was very hard for me. Eighteen years of ‘ikang aye’ affection. For the first time, I missed ‘pesta main pantai’ as well. Even though the yearly event was not as happening as it used to be, but the idea of having a convoy with the whole kampung folks to join the other pilgrims, staring at the moon on a crowded beach was so melancholic. If that was not enough to torture me, Friday is a working day in the new and remote place. I started to miss my blissful siesta before the Friday prayer. Come on guy, get a life!

And the new passion started to develop. Every morning before my first lecture, I will sit in the balcony of my strategically located room at Kamsis Ungku Omar and started to drool on some beautiful beings that passing by, unwary to my scrutinizing eyes. It was not a perversion but utmost admiration. I watched them with my ‘teropong iman’ of course. God really creates them very beautiful for us to mesmerize upon and I got hooked. Pulcherrima! Sometimes the stake out really put me into trouble for missing out one or two lectures. But if you have more than 100 course mates with the lecture hall a size of half a football pitch, it was a circus, and nobody will ever notice you for missing in action. I missed them all, even the clowns and jokers.

The best part was, I bagged my precious trophy from that balcony. The one and only. I am still drooling at my trophy whenever there is a celestial sign or I see right constellations in the sky or the moon is full.

…to be continued…


54 Responses to “Somebody stole my heart from the balcony”

  1. dr sam…knp teringat zaman dulu2 nie…

  2. tchersally Says:

    yaikkss..doc..i thought i’m d only one travelling back on my memory lane..

  3. mizzy N Naderiey Says:

    teropong apa tu dr?

  4. Al-Mualim Shah @ Dino~ Says:

    same happen here in my lecture hall.. no one would hardly notice unless they started calling names..

  5. This is Mine Says:


    yang atas tue…

    pic Dr. Sam ke??


  6. besi
    Banyak memori, terutama yang indah ketika di Bangi.Atau gembira sangat sebab Chelsea masuk final kot πŸ™‚

    Goodness gracious me! you can read my mind meh?

    mizzy N Naderiey
    Teropong iman…nasihat dari seorang pensyarah yang masih terngiang-ngiang ditelinga.

    Al-Mualim Shah @ Dino,
    Ha..ha…you should find ways to contain the ‘tuang’ disease fast. It spreads very fast with high virulence.

  7. This is mine,
    Ya. Tengah bersedia bersama teropong iman.

  8. oh drSam.
    I have 135classmates,and a lecture hall size of half a hockey field.

    air-conditioner is broken routinely, every 2/3 days.

    hehe u_u

    p/s yeah i’m very

  9. drSam..
    kenangan dulu2 kan?..
    kalau boleh boleh nak kembali kepada zaman yang menggamit perasaan tu kan?..

    sy baru je lepas kn keropok buatan mersing..bkn terengganu..hehe

    *pic atas tu pic drSam ke?..

  10. Wow! I like this post so much. Sis Zayda is really one kind of trophy. I agree on that. πŸ™‚

    You’re so lucky. Not everyone has the same chances as you are. My college days was full with books. I can’t remember drooling over the balcony for the first 3 years. But I certainly did extend my ‘teropong ajaib’ skills during the final year. I just noticed that I had really superb view over this few years.

    No wonder why all my girlfriends love to ‘lepak’ in my room. I thought they like me. Haha.

    p/s: Send my regards to your trophy. πŸ™‚

  11. hi doc,

    first visit. hopped here from zendra’s.

    i’m even more convinced now that org neg keropok lekor bukan saja pandai tapi pintarlucu* [my coinage for witty]. must be all that ikang they makang. ;D

    * based on being an avid “kipas” of the blogs of pokku bustaman, awang goneng, puteri kamaliah and bergen.

  12. Mia's Mom Says:

    Klu tuang tapi masih kenal lecturer tak pa jugak. Ada a collegue of mine tu cerita dia gi exam baru tahu mana satu rupa lecturer dia. Bagus, kan?

  13. Liyana Safra Zaabar Says:

    andainya masa bisa diputar kembali~~

  14. Wah saspenlah (vocab org dudulu). Can’t wait to read about how you bagged the trophy.

  15. Ida Athanazir Says:

    title sounds like Romeo & Juliet

  16. patungcendana Says:

    ala2 romeo n juliet…hehehe

    it is the east…and juliet is the sun…gitu…:-)

  17. DrSam,

    πŸ™‚ flashback memory manis zaman kampus ya.

  18. patungcendana Says:

    re:…memang dillema kan doc…to do the right thing or to do the decent thing…

    pening…nak mc boleh?…hehe

  19. dr sam… this is truly a walk along the memory lane… πŸ˜› make me think abt stuff that i’ve been thru and really miss it… eheheh

  20. *SiRibenMerah Says:

    hehe.. Chelsea masuk final tuh mmg terbaik.. ombak biru~!!..

    flashback the past times.. years ago..hurmmmm.. hehehe..anniversary da dekat ke Doc?? hehehehe.. mcm x sabar je nak baca ending citer neh.. cepat sambung!!!!

  21. Faisal Admar Says:

    i used to collect stamps. dad taught me about it. but then… when i moved to secondary school, i was too wild to be a collector. most of the time, i wasted all my time with “junks”. its too late to regret but i’m grateful that i’m still a “human” compared to those who i be friend with before.

  22. Wahh DrSam flashback mood ni..
    Jgn tersengeh2 sorg dah la ye..

  23. PerantauSepi1306 Says:

    ahakssss… cenyum kamben jer nie.. ngeheeeeee… teropong sapa tu ;D

    At last, the love story of Dr Sam, revealed??? Tak sabar ni nak baca kesinambungannya πŸ˜€

  24. JohnJenin Says:

    bermulalah telenovela cinta DrSam..

    tak sabar tunggu kesinambungan..

    adakah percubaan pertama terus berjaya? Hehehe

  25. gman,
    A lecture hall the size of half a hockey field, 135 classmates and no air conditioner, it must be steamy. You can bake pizza and sell it for some rupiah my man!

    Mengimbau kenangan lalu, buat kita tersenyum sendirian.

    Mersing pun ramai juga penduduknya asal dari Pelaut Terengganu. Keropok mersing mungkin lebih kurang keropok Terengganu.

    *pics tu masa first year, tengah bersedia untuk meneropong*

    You girls did that too? I hope your ‘teropong iman’ will zoom in on your trophy soon.

    mek yam,
    Hi there. Welcome aboard.

    You observation is probably quite true. Even a cool guy like me, still amused and couldn’t hold my ‘sengeh’ at my fellow keropok lekor friends whenever we talk Ganu. ‘Gelekek sokmo!’

    *I am a silent reader to those you’ve mentioned above. But have no gut to ‘kipas’ yet :)*

    Have a nice day ma’am!

    Mia’s Mom,
    Ha..ha..pity that lecturer! Nasib baik lecturer tu bagi kawan you masuk dewan peperiksaan…kalu dia cakap ‘lu sape?’ maka balik kampung tanam kacang lah agaknya ye

  26. Liyana Safra Zaabar,
    masa berlalu, berputar-putar bak roda. tiada henti.

    Saya tulis dan baca pun saspen. Hi..hi.. Nanti saya minta komen dari trophy dulu.

    Ida Athanazir,
    Didn’t cross my mind when I wrote it. Ye le… (perasan lah pula)

    Actually east met south gitu-gitu..

    Four wonderful years, many great memories. I walked the path and never regret it a single moment.

  27. quote:DrSam said…
    A lecture hall the size of half a hockey field, 135 classmates and no air conditioner, it must be steamy. You can bake pizza and sell it for some rupiah my man!

    Zue: Which lecture hall tu Sam?

  28. Zue,
    Hi..hi.. nak tergelak pun ada. Bernostalgia ni tanda dah tua lah tu ye.

    fening memang fening. Itu lah nasib kalau dah mentimun. MC…Mahu Cabut ke?

    Ombak biru…yess!

    Nak tunggu anniversary lambat. Nak sambut tiap-tiap hari pun penat πŸ™‚

    Tunggu cerita versi lyra kat errr…kamsis apa tu yang tercerok kat dalam paya dalam hutan tu πŸ˜‰

    Faisal Admar,
    You are right my friend. If we don’t keep and look after the items properly, it is just like collecting junk. Time is the worst enemy now.

  29. ShiDa,
    Baca entri sendiri kalau tersengih tu ada simptom-simptom bahaya tu. Tersengih baca komen you:)

    Love story is a never ending story one. Just like hikayat 1001 malam.

    The next episode will have to go through ‘lembaga penapis’ first πŸ™‚

    Aisey pak cik. Terimakasih lah menjadi pendorong dan pembakar semangat kepada penulisan siri telenovela yang tak seberapa ini.

    Percubaan pertama?…tungguuuuu…!

    gman punye lecture hall nun jauh diseberang. Kita punya lecture hall kat bawah Kamsis C tu, DKU – Dewan Kuliah Utama (SiRibenMerah bagitau nama DKU dah tukar kepada somebody’s name). You tahu ke?

  30. MohdHafizKamal Says:

    haha bernostalgia maknanya kite ingat benda2 yg dah lama berlalu jadi………..dah berumur la kita.

  31. VersedAnggerik Says:


    Me from Kamsis Ungku Omar too.

    K8Y-202 for three years!

    Tapi bilik yg tak ada balcony!

  32. MohdHafizKamal,
    Betul tu. Bagi ingatan sikit umur semakin meningkat. Banyak perkara yang dulunya kita boleh lakukan dengan selambanya, kini memerlukan usaha yang lebih-lebih untuk dilakukan kembali.

    You too are from that ‘stopover/transit’ kamsis? (most tenants from Kamsis D and E will pay their toll at Kamsis C first before they proceed to their designated destination).

    And you still remember your room number πŸ™‚ The room must have loads of memories I guess.

  33. bozzobattousai Says:

    teropong iman…kaki skodeng kot…

  34. bozzobattousai,
    cakap pelan-pelan sket πŸ˜‰

  35. hye!

  36. syariniey Says:

    maksudnya menunjuk2 πŸ™‚
    tu bahasa orang penang

  37. anntaj,
    hye. lama menyepi.

    Terimakasih berkongsi ilmu. Pertama kali dengar perkataan MENCAPAB.

  38. philoColy Says:

    Is that u in the photo?
    kamsis- PUO student ye.

  39. *SiRibenMerah Says:

    DKU dah tukar jadi dewan anuar mahmud ataupon DAM.. hahahaha.. kamsis kat paya?? ehehehe.. tuh fakulti Kejut la..Sis Zayda pon tau kewujudan fakulti tuh.. hahahaha.. pastuh kat situ dah tambah fakulti teknologi dan sains maklumat. ngan kamsis Za’aba. Fakulti Undang-undang yg kat dalam hujung sampai hutan simpan tuh..hurmmm.. kamsis yg iyra duduk kat ngan area palapes.. namanye Kolej Keris Mas.. hehehe.. nak citer pasal ape lagi??
    Doc, jum lagi kita singkap citer UKM neh.. hehehe =P~

    *sambung citer cepat =P~

  40. philoColy
    Yes, the young me. PUO?

    Masa berlalu, banyak betul perubahan. DKU dan jadi DAM. Fakulti Kejut pun buat kita terkujat kat tepi paya. Dulu kolej tak ada, sekarang dah ada Keris Mas. Tapak Konvo kat kamsis F pun dah pupus dengar cerita. PUSANEKA masih happening lagi ke? Orang Utara tak nak kongsi ke cerita-ceritu di UKM?

    #greenlight dah dapat untuk sambung telenovela – tgh cari photo sesuai penyeri cerita#

  41. Nurhani Salwa Binti Jamaluddin Says:

    Dr Sam,

    Its not an ordinary trophy, coz tak leh share dengan orang lain..:) And definitely not a piala pusingan!

  42. MariaFaizal Says:

    Teropong sis Zayda ya Doc?
    he he he…

    And, the pix of yours is so retro.You had a nicely arranged ,neat notice board & study table πŸ™‚

    Rgds to sis Zayda & children.

  43. Nurhani Salwa Binti Jamaludin
    Yes, definitely not! Piala untuk pusing-pusing kat dalam rumah sendiri je.

    Aha…she didn’t realise of my ‘teropong’ activity at first, but after she found out, she was quite pleased πŸ™‚ ladies…ladies…

    I can’t do much thing, until my workplace is nicely done. A ‘serabut’ and ‘seribai’ place, my head will follow suit.

  44. You pervert you!
    Haha.. I kid, I kid… :).

    Now ‘teropong Iman’ for me is a concept I never knew before. Honest. How does that work?

  45. kuIna LadyInRed Says:

    nostalgia tu…

  46. fahmi latiff Says:

    hensem Dr.Sam
    ketika ni umur berapa..?

  47. Nani Aling Says:

    out of the topic..

    bnyknya blog yg dr.sam ikuti…rajinnya baca…tq sebab sudi jenguk blog aku..

  48. Syed,
    Too much pheromone Tn. Syed. ‘Teropong iman’ will be explained further in the next sequel πŸ™‚

    kulna LadyInRed,
    dah tukar nick!

    fahmi latiff,
    20 tahun dulu tu. Eh…fahmi dah tutup blog ke? tak boleh access.

    Nani Aling,
    Ambil masa lama juga nak habiskan satu pusingan membaca blog-blog ni. bermacam stail, bermacam cerita, bermacam perkongsian. Banyak boleh dipelajari dan diambil iktibar.

  49. madam gold Says:

    wow..handsome la u doc zaman muda2 dulu.It s nice to journey down the colourful memory lane kan.your post remind me of my vasity days too.There were special things that would always stay in our heart for a long2 time.I used to sit at the same seat in a lecture hall.One day I scribble something on the table,it s like pouring out my frustration.And the next day I got a advice.We kept messaging for a few session..but I never knew who he was ,but of course the mamat was a mat salleh..

  50. madam gold,
    Zaman muda-muda πŸ˜‰

    you have a very interesting experience too. Your ‘blind date’ story with a mat salleh was worth an entry in your blog!

  51. salam…wah ni version ada full grown hair..ahahaha…lama tak melancong kat blog kenkawan…sibuk sungguh

  52. salam…wah ni version ada full grown hair..ahahaha…lama tak melancong kat blog kenkawan…sibuk sungguh

  53. arsaili,
    Gelakkan kita ya!

    Hope you are coping well with your jihad bro. Be cool!

  54. arsaili,
    Gelakkan kita ya!

    Hope you are coping well with your jihad bro. Be cool!

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