>It was so contagious and I feel so kiasu

It was well documented that great influenza pandemics are sharp blades of disease that scrape masses of humanity from the earth. The influenza virus is believed to have first leaped from animals to humans a few thousand years ago, probably in southern china. The last major killer epidemic, the flu pandemic of 1918, was a unique scourge, killing more than 60 million people. That was 91 years ago and leaving a really big scar in human history.

And this week, our Southern neighbor Singapore, has reported another outbreak. Indian rojak has become a very popular subject in Kiasuland this week, simply because 2 people died of food poisoning after enjoying the food at a local rojak stall. With 137 rojak devotees became the victim of Vibrio parahaemolyticus within the span of two days, it really sends shiver through my spine as I’ve just come back from the island and feeling not so well. My body have succumbed with symptomatic ancient illness of running nose, light-headed, coughing and fatigue at the same time.

My wife reassured me there was nothing much to worry about. She said it was probably due to the extensive traveling I endured in a short span of time. It sound quite logical to me plus age is catching up too.

One thing about traveling, especially on a short distance flight, it requires more time getting ready than the actual traveling time. A flight to Singapore which normally takes less than an hour from KLIA, will require at least 3 hours of pre-traveling preparation. As the flight was at 8.00 a.m., I set my alarm clock at 4.15 a.m. but woke up an hour earlier and could not sleep afterward, spending time staring on the ceiling. By 6.00 a.m. I’ve already checked in and have to wait another 2 agonizing hours having early breakfast in the terminal – light headed. Any attempt to kill the time by gazing through a book, which I normally do was a futile one. Time really move very slowly if you constantly checking on the watch.

So this whole week I spent some interesting time visiting old friends in the Kiasuland, extracting some bugs probably exposing myself too long outdoor having dinner along the riverside and having ample of time dozing off at the airport.

Subconsciously, human is always terrified of any disease. A fear gene that is naturally encoded in our DNA. A gentle reminder from the Maker but I am recuperating well and very grateful that we are not living through an infectious-disease outbreak. Hopefully not during our temporary mortal lifespan.


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