Gimme a break!

It has been a very hectic week for me, full of very interesting activities. Visitors from various places and of different standings come and go. The amount of foreign people (foreign people can be my colleagues who have never set his foot into my office throughout their umpteen years of services) visiting my place, turning my office into a really happening spot and possibly a future popular tourist destination, worth a mention in Visit Malaysia Year calendar.

Deadlines (possible definition = you are either dead or living in the safe haven of ‘cold storage’ or exotic paradise, if you ignore these auspicious dates) and datelines (somehow we try to avoid having a date with our bosses) kept breathing down my neck. There were also our periodic reports that has to be submitted this week. The reports nowadays has to be written in two versions – English and Bahasa. I think the whole elastic community has got infected with the lingua fever of which almost becoming an epidemic in our country recently.

And you know what. I’ve almost forgotten that now is a school holiday. I need to get some rest. Some breakaway. A getaway with the loved ones. At the same time my accumulated annual leave over the past years has almost reached its maximum number that I can bring forward (our maximum accumulated annual leave is 90 days). I think it is timely that I reduce the number a little bit. The Golden Hand Shake benefit recently has been revised and is looking good too.

Tonight, I am leaving the Boleh-land for my honeymoon and I will be missing nasi lemak and roti canai for the next one week.

Until then, Ciao!

This currency and denominations has nothing to do with my great escape. There are however some interesting stories behind this notes . Probably if I got mood and time permit, I will share this story with you my friends.

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