Bloggers’ day out – Close to the nature.

The place was so beautiful
The people was so wonderful
The food was brilliant and plentiful
The atmosphere was full of joy and laughter
It was a memorable and unforgettable event – friendship to last forever!
Thank you everybody!

My three green-bloggers, having preempted a supper after a dip in the cool stream nearby.

tcherSally (lady in red – in the middle) looking at Mr Ismail (her hubby) trying that tasteful cake specially baked by Farah. Seriously the cake is delicious! tchersally, a very dedicated teacher came all the way from Kota Bharu for this picnic. She promised if any of us, the hardcore bloggers were to visit Kota Bharu, she will personally become the official tour guide! Tabik kawe

Plenty of delectable food, enough to cater the whole community of FRIM. In fact all food brought that day was freshly made by our skillful chefs. The neatly packed colorful tupperwares were kari laksa by Masterchef CAHAYA.

Farah, Nadia, camera-shy TuNTeJa (hiding behind the pole) and CAHAYA preparing the food.

Food, food and lots of food…

The cheerful Farah looking at TunTeja (still trying to elude the camera 🙂 and Nadia helping themselves with the food, while CAHAYA at the background was trying to fish out something from her Doraemon’s magic pouch. Once I saw her pulling out a big black bin bag from that pouch!

Everybody was talking joyfully when suddenly, we saw bloodstain on Mr. Ismail’s foot (not in this photo). A memento from a creepy crawler. That was kind of deja vu for MeEN (in green) as he works in National Blood Bank. MeEN is a very handsome and polite guy. Still available, mind you. Seen here flanked by his long-lost-but-newly-found classmate, November , a keen photographer. Sitting beside November is her sibling.

MeEN guarding the food from the straying monkeys, while others engaging the usual ritual of doing a ‘tawafarround the wakaf. If you notice, tchersally and her GBS came with ther red theme 🙂

We were quite fortunate that day to have this remarkable performance by these young acrobats at the nearby stream. This unexpected show however really put TuNteJa off as she initially planned to have the whole jacuzzi by her ownself.

Time really flies when you are having fun. Time to go home.

Bye, bye. See you again next time!

Pulau Pandan Jauh ke tengah
Gunung Daik bercabang tiga
Hancur badan dikandung tanah
Budi yang baik dikenang jua


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