Bloggers’ meeting – it was hillarious!

As planned, my wife and I arrived at the designated place for the most anticipated bloggers’ meeting of the year just in the nick of time. That was after some high speed car case in the overcrowded basement car park. Ikea is on sale.

Quickly we hopped into the lift and the moment we stepped out from the lift on the top floor of Ikano Power Center, we straight away stumbled upon Maria and her entourage (her charming hubby Faizal, little Adam and cute Ayesha). Without wasting no more time we rushed to the gazetted meeting point, but to our astonishment, the food court was not there to be seen. Vanished. The place that used to be buzzing with foodlovers was no more there. Zilch! Instead it was now stood proudly an interior house accessories supermarket. No way! I secretly checked the date on my handphone to make sure it was not the 1st. of April.

Did David Copperfield come to Malaysia recently? I almost banged my head onto the wall. To make the matter worst, I didn’t have the other bloggers’ numbers to inform them of this unexpected discovery and the changing of plan. Undeterred, the cool Maria came to the rescue and straight away got into action. With utmost confident she put up her brave face and started asking strangers these unfamiliar question – “Are you looking for DrSam Sir?”. Haa…haa…Go Maria! I am proud of you. I am sure those strangers have a very lasting impression on you that day.

We finally decided to go down to the ground level and settled down in Uncle Lim Kopitiam, hoping that the others would have the same thought as ours. As if on cue, I saw a group of curious youngsters coming down on the escalator. The unmistakable faces of skullsplitter and CAHAYA with the whole gang brought me a big relief. Somehow, they made it to our spot. I would love to read their own version of that day misadventure in their blogspot. A bloggers’ meeting almost become a bloopers of the year 🙂 Until now, I am not so sure if there were other bloggers who did actually come, but went straight home and missed all the fun. For my utterly ignorance, if there is any, I humbly apologize. Mistake learned.

All in all it was a good meeting with lot of laughter. Thank you everybody (Maria, Faizal, Skullsplitter, CAHAYA, TuN TeJa, Farah, Nadia, Kamaliah, Juita and not to forget little bloggers Ayesha and Adam) for making the effort to come. and wishing to meet all of you again soon!

Maria (and her supporting hubby, Faizal) became very creative and wrote my name on ballons (her kid’s ballons) for the whole world to see.

Nadia (pink shirt with purple tudung) just could not bear all the ticklish feeling in her belly and burst into laughter, while Farah joined the others on having the fun of their life. If you look carefully, the rubbery souvenirs I mentioned earlier were displayed plainly on the table.

Having load of laughter can make a person craze for food become unbearable. Seen here was Juita, oblivious to the surrounding she helped herself with the last potion of curry puff. TuN TeJa, on the other hand, listened religiously to Maria’s preaching while Kamaliah (on the far right corner of the photo) posing for the cameraman with her cutest smile ever. TuN TeJa and Kamaliah came all the way from Malacca exclusively for this historic event. Selamat berBTN TuN TeJa!

Skullsplitter an up and coming movie director cum production manager, having a deep thought after listening to Maria’s suggestion on having some of us as his castings in his future reality show. If I can read his mind correctly, he is probably saying “Hang biaq betul Maria, boleh berlakon ka depa ni?”. Contemplating with managing so many complaints coming from the rakyat, some with marriage problem, family problem and many more problem that you can think of, with her calibre, CAHAYA should start to think of opening her own call center ASAP.
My significant half with her number one fan, the cute Ayesha enjoying a blissful moment together. Our own soldiers didn’t make it to this meeting (for the second time) because their cousins kidnapped them.

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