You need good anecdotes to spice up your life

I am trying my best not to write much on politics. Especially in this blog, as that is not the reason why this blog comes to be in the first place. Politics is not my piece of cake. I have been reminded from time to time by my respectful sifu, and I still remember his wisdom clearly. If you don’t know much on the subject – it is best that you shut up. Period.

But as much as I am refraining myself not to, the more the ticklish feeling erupting in my belly. As if there are many butterflies entrapped inside my ever-growing belly, the feeling translates into an earth-shattering giggle I almost spilled out my drink on the table. It was not politics, it was a joke.

“What’s wrong with these people?” asked my darling over a cup of his favorite jasmine tea
” Ala…. apa nak diherankan, nama pun politik dan politikus” my reply to her very serious question.

Tak habishabisgaduh sanagaduh sini. kalau gaduh pasal macamana nak bagi elaun pekerja lebih kenaikkan gaji keturunkan harga barang runcit ke tak pe lah juga…” her blabbering echoing in my ears.

I giggled as I remember my sifu’s wisdom. Somehow, my drink by then has a very peculiar taste. Bitter. Ahhh…no wonder, it was made by my new maid. Black coffee. The last time I had black coffee was during my jihad in the far land, because everybody drinks black coffee over there. Sugar was a forbidden luxury in our laboratory.

Nak muntah pun ada” She lamented again. The last time I heard she talked like that was during her first four month of pregnancy. That was three years ago. Her jasmine tea has now becoming very cold. For that split second, I had cold sweat running down my cheek.


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