>A rather eventful weekend #2 – Cool bloggers’ meeting


Thank you Maria for these nice and lovely personalised cupcakes. Yummy!

The meeting with cool bloggers Maria and Rose was simply marvelous. That was the first time all of us met actually – out from the cyberspace and into the real world. It all started when a curious Maria did not satisfy with my answer on something that I described earlier on my blog. And I promised to explain it in detail if we can have a ‘teh tarik’ session somewhere. Somehow though, during the meeting I couldn’t help myself and so captivated with man-to-man talk with the two cool guys, the conundrum left unanswered. Even after the meeting I am sure she is still and wondering and puzzled over that particular brainteaser. She was left deep in though she even forgot to notice her ‘maggie goreng’ was getting colder. Luckily her gorgeous Ayesha came to the rescue and finished it up.

I told Maria that I was going to be a bit late since we have just come back from Kelang with my parent and my wife has to settle few domestic chores first. The place was at a ‘kedai mamak’ in TESCO Shah Alam. The meet up became more interesting when, Rose aka Cabaikering came all the way from Penang and agreed to join up.

The get together meeting turned out to be a very memorable one. Rose accompanied by his handsome hubby, Adam together with their lovely kids Ali-boy and Meerza. While Maria came with her full entourage of cheerful Faizal, and two gorgeous little kids – Adam and Ayesha. I didn’t bring along my soldiers as they insisted on staying at home with their Grandparent.

Time did flies and we were so engrossed talking to each others, we did not realize it was almost 11 p.m and the shop is about to close its business for the day. We were the last person actually to leave the shop and everybody seemed to be very excited and looking forward for another meeting soon.

For a full report you can visit Maria blog here and by Rose here. As suspected, both has unwittingly blown up my true persona. There goes my cover up 🙂 Thank you Maria for organizing the meeting and thank you Rose for coming all the way from Penang and taking the effort in meeting us. The next round, probably and hopefully going to be a bigger turn up and I think unanimously you are the best person to be our cool bloggers’ event organizer now 🙂


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