>Seven deadly sins

>While blog-hopping from one cyberspace into another, on many occasions I stumbled upon people, who shares their eating out experiences in uncommon places that I’ve never thought of going to before . This has led me to satisfy my curiosity and at the same time indulging myself into this fat-accumulating activity. So during the last public holiday, instead of having the normal eating out in our regular restaurant, my significant half and I ventured out a little bit while at the same time trying to tickle our taste bud with something a bit different from the usual.

One of these eating establishments that have caught our attention was Al-Diafah. A middle eastern restaurant, situated at Sri Petaling, which was not very far from the Endah Parade Mall. If one was not very familiar with this area, it was very easy to get lost as this restaurant was quite hidden and away from the main road. You know, the signage in Malaysia can be very misleading if there was one, and finding this place you really have to rely solely on your sense of direction or the correct constellation if you are lucky enough.

The parking space however was the plus point as there was a big one at the back of this restaurant. The ambiance was very unique with intricate middle-eastern decor and you’ll get this feeling as if you are dining in…of course… the middle eastern restaurant. The choice of foods has not disappointed us, and the taste was really mindbogglingly fantastic. Their signature dish (Al-diafah rice) was something that I will try again. The service was fast and friendly. It was worth to mention here that their washroom was really super clean to the extend you can have a nap there if you wanted to. A young boy will wait eagerly for you at the entrance (washroom) and gladly spraying a very refreshing perfume onto your palm. First class treatment don’t you think?

Our dining escapade however didn’t last there. The next day we ventured into another part of the town in searching for another gastronomic adventure. Al-Rawsha restaurant, off Jalan Ampang (Jalan Damai) was our next target. This establishment turned out to be a Lebanese restaurant. It was not very difficult to find this place as Kelab Aman was just on the opposite side of the small road . There was however hardly any parking space and you will have to park your car on the yellow-lined by road, of which was illegal of course. To make the matter worst, there was also some “ulat” who will pester you to park the car at their designated ‘save’ spots, and it will cost you RM3.

The open food court concept just could not match al-Diafah and the ambiance was not as glamorous as one would have expected. The choice of food didn’t disappoint us though but somehow the taste was nothing to shout about. If you couldn’t understand a word in Arabic, you would be fooled by their staffs appearance as most were Bangladeshi (the Bangladesh embassy is just at the back of this restaurant).

In short, Al-Diafah has to be my pick of the week in almost every aspects – the accessibility, food, ambiance and the service. Since I have committed one of the deadly sins within the span of two days, I have to repent and forgo the nasi lemak and teh tarik sessions for the next two weeks.

The cosy and subtle ambiance at Al-Diafah will make your dining experience a memorable one.

The fresh salad.

A hibiscus tea and sweet pudding to end the big feast.

This sarbat is a complimentary – on the house.

An open concept restaurang, with colorful canvas as a roof – resemble a Bedouin tent at Al-Rawsha.

Mendy chicken with rice – this one serving is quite a big portion for us and enough for two actually.


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