United cartoons of Enteloz

When I was in my early education stage up to the primary schools (four primary schools altogether), I have only one small bag to carry everyday. I called that bag a “bag kotak“. It was actually a box with a safety latch on top of it.

I walked to school everyday. Almost all my friends walked to school as well. It was fun. On one of the bad days though, while walking to the school, the latch will just snapped open, throwing everything inside the bag onto the open road for everyone to see your precious treasure. And it contained just about everything from my exercise books, the stationary, my favorite comics (among other were Bujal and Wak segan) and also my lunch pack. If it was raining a day earlier, everything that fell into the puddle will look more or less like bubur asyura.

Nowadays, our kids have so many bags to carry to their schools. One for their primary school, one for their religious school and one or two more bags for their tuition classes. The bag weigh many kilos too, by the time they reach their puberty, their back will look similar to the hunchback of Notre Dame. If you have many kids, then I am not surprised to see their study room will resemble a store full of bags.

With so many bags around, you’ll never know what to expect or find if you peek into one of those bags. Once in a while the parent should do just that. Have a peek into their bags. I just found out recently that in one of my kids’ bag there were several scrap books and they were full with sketches similar to these ones. I found some interesting but yet peculiar sketches in one of my second son’s bag. It was very interesting to note that my second son has started to show sketching skills since he was about four or five and this was evidence on the walls of my house. Never mind about that, since I don’t have to pay a single cent and yet the interior designing has been taken care off by my second son. What more interesting was, he managed to sell few of his collection to his peers. What a good combination. Creativity plus entrepeneurship skill.

I must confess at this point , when I was at their age, If I wasn’t playing with friends, I will spend almost every evening watching cartoons. Especially the English one. I realized later on, apart from reading comics and books (of which sharpened my writing skill) my command of English getting better and better the more I indulged myself with this obsession. It was hard those days when almost all of your keropoklekor peers who did not converse in English and you want to practice that language at the same time. It became more difficult because I did not attend ordinary school, but Arabic school (in my hometown, sekolah arab = sekolah agama) which did not emphasize much on English subject. I attended Arabic school and then the Arabic college until I was seventeen. Why didn’t I became an Ustaz then? That was another interesting story though 🙂

Even today I am not ashamed to admit that I still fancy watching the many cartoon shows on TV, especially the Japanese anime. As for now, I am trying to learn and pick up the Japanese language as my other foreign language. Just for fun. We’ll see.


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