Now I am talking to myself

What a good start for this blissful new year. A visit to an orthopedic yesterday, has confirmed that I am having a prolapse disc. The back, hip and foot pain that i suffered for the past 3 weeks has becoming an intimate nightmare to me now. The specialist advised me to lay on bed most of the time. Time will heal. That was what he said. Now I am bedridden. Now I feel old.

Looking on the brighter side again, that will give me more time to look back and “muhasabah diri“. At the same time I can squeeze my brain looking for some brighter idea for what to do and accomplish this year. I have accomplished some of my short and medium term goals. Some though, will still remain in my dream and some will be kept in the Pandora box- forever. Probably the goal are not so reachable after all. Not because it is not realistic or so hard to achieve, but because some hindrances and external factors such as some nickampooks who can’t keep their big mouth shut and spread rumours about you. Even though that is part and parcel of our colourful life, some can really be a pain in the ass.

My long term goal however, looking at the current scenario, will be on its way, smoothly I hope . My golden year spent with my love ones is the one that I will make sure a dream comes true. As time move very fast and waits for no man, the year will come in no time. I just brace myself and get ready for whatever price it may cost. And I don’t want to be caught in time again.

Time is always on my side – cottage clock.
Spent some time in this cottage while hunting high and low for my sacred scroll.

If you had the time to lose
An open mind and time to choose
Would you care to take a look
Or can you read me like a book
(Steve Harris)


27 Responses to “Now I am talking to myself”

  1. Faisal Admar Says:

    prolapse disc? is it the same with slip disc?

    if i got secret i won’t share with anyone. no. only for myself. i having difficulty to trust anyone. yes i mean anyone.

    yeah. year goes by just in a blink. i feel like 2008 just started and now it has gone.

    you are already a book now for me to read haha!

  2. Daniel Ng Says:

    My wife also suffered from this prolapse disc and i can understand that pain… we tried so many methods and see so many doctors but eventually she actually go for regular exercise -swimming and go for physio and use the hotpack for her back about 15 minutes b4 sleep and it actually worked very well and reduce the pain.

    Have a great and fruitful year in 2009, Happy New Year!

  3. salam…what a bed news…to see an ortho is a good thing. At least you r not bound by the massager for saying so many thing abt angin as so on. So be gentle to yourself. Lay down with upright hip will help, ease the pressure on your back. Cheer up ok….

  4. Faisal, slipped disc is being argued for misleading and prolapsed disc is preferable term.



    nice discussion bro
    add my blog link


  6. faisal,

    if you have a friend that you cannot trust, than he/she is not a person that you can call a friend in the first place.

    I trust all my friends. a true one.

  7. Daniel,

    heat treatment can relief the pain at the moment. Now I am using a hot water bottle and it give me great relief. I am using a corset as well for extra support. I think my hip will be so slim in few months time 🙂

  8. arsaili,

    in every clou has a silver lining. I can spend more time with my kids at home.

    wishing you all the best bro.

  9. Mohd Adha,

    nice info on the keropok lekor nation. Keep me update and will surely visit my beloved and lovely hometown when I am back on my feet again.

  10. Moga dugaan ini akan membuatkan dr lebih tabah…

  11. DeathSharingan Says:

    Well, I pray for your success and health…

    All the best!

  12. patungcendana Says:

    hope u’ll get better soon.

    do not go gentle into the good night…
    rege, rage against the dying of the light…

    my favourite poem…by dylan thomas

  13. atie,

    setiap dugaan ada kebahagian dipenghujungnya. bergantung bagaimana kita melihatnya. tq

  14. Deathsharingan,

    with all my love boy!

  15. patungcendana,

    Tq. Now I cannot rege anymore 🙂 not yet…

  16. get well soon bro

  17. PerantauSepi1306 Says:

    Thank you bro, for dropping by at my blog previously.. Sorry to hear about your illness. Anyway, hope that you’ll get well soon and may this new year bring moy joy and happiness in your life ahead.

  18. Greg,

    thanks bro. will hibernate for the time being. more time for blogging I guess 🙂

  19. PerantauSepi,

    Happy new year to you too. harap-harap si perantau tidak sepi lagi.

  20. Grow2g3th3r Says:


    Laughter is the most healthful exertion…All d best for you.

  21. yes dla,

    laughter is the best medicine. I have to ask somebody to tickle my tummy now.

  22. payarumput21 Says:

    Salam DrSam..

    Adoiii… memang sakit.. I myself pun guna special belt for it.. to support my back.. well even not always.. but the pain comes and go.. I used to go for physio and few other treatments too.. dugaan sungguh.. but.. it will be ok.. Insya Allah.. as long as you do as told and not to strain your precious back..

    Have a good rest.. practice good lifting method.. no sudden change of posture (**ehem..**).. and bersabarlah.. 🙂

    Bila sakit2 ni.. selalu ingat.. “dah tua.. tuhan dah amek satu2 kelebihan kita..”
    (**ehem.. ini reminder utk diri sendiri.. bukan utk orang lain**)

  23. thanks payarumput21 for sharing the same pain experience with me.

    memang fitrah manusia, bila sakit baru ingat betapa nikmatnya pemberian tuhan.

  24. arap2 incik pat aunt also experienced that.oh-uh..tak snggup tgok org in pain.

  25. Adoi. Geli-gelaman pulak tulang belakang saya bila baca post ni. Heee… Hopefully you're all fine & dandy by now.

    P.S. Post ni teringatkan saya dengan sebahagian daripada puisi yang saya pernah tulis…

  26. arianna adrizal Says:

    salam. tq for ur comment. appreciate it.

    bila cerita psl ‘sakit’ yg satu ni, some people (or most?) would say dat i am too young to get dis kinda thing.. bla bla. but hey, sakit ajal maut tak mengira usia kan.

    semoga cepat sembuh 🙂

  27. salam :)take care

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