>Always look on the bright side of life

>I am not sure whether I got too excited by the story of another blogger friends from Penang and Parit, who visited a traditional massage for their muscle pain or the fancy sighboard that made me stop at this traditional establishment. Yes today I spent one hour getting acquantance with Wak Rem, a traditional massage theraphist (sound more sophistaced 🙂 for my stiff limbs, I mean my back and my bottom. I must confess at this time, this is my first time ever having this special traditional treatment for treating my whatever pain I have suffered before. But as people says, there is always the first time.

Thanks to my fascination with golf, two days ago while fine-tuning my swing at my regular driving range nearby, I got this exruciating pain from my lower limb up to my back. The pain in my lower limb was like a love-hate relatioship, something that I can ignore whenever I am in my good mood. But the recent pain in my back was quite bad so as doing the normal simple task becoming so painful.

So after that skillful massage job by Wak Rem, I am feeling better now, even though the pain in the ass is still there. (Now I now how this ass-word has come about). He even gave me some tips on good diet and advice on proper eating habit. As according to him, my problem was actually caused by improper eating habit, so as the “angin” in my body became unbalance. This “angin” in the body has always made me wonder. Does our body really got “angin” or what’s on earth is the “angin” doing in our body? Once I threw this question to my friend who is a medical doctor and he explained in terms that made me more confused. Something about our nerve system.

My significant half on the other hands, has some idea on treating and combating my “angin” problem. She introduced me to another weird herbal remedy i.e “untalan” (banjar word for bulat-bulat) which consisted of zingiber (halia) and black pepper corn (lada hitam). A word of caution though, please don’t use “gambir sarawak” in the ingrediant as you will have another part of you body limb sfiffer. These “untalan”, the size of our thumb was to be consumed with warm water. I have to wait until tommorrow to see if the effect has kicked in or not. I hope the “untalan” will do the job properly and chased the “angin” away. BTW, thank you darling for sharing your ancestral secret with me.

For the time being I still have another one or two more follow-up massage sessions with Wak Rem. Since I have to rest for a while, obviously for my own good sake, I have to withdraw from participating in a golf tournament next week.

Two things I learned from this unsuspecting event:

Golf introduced me to the beauty of Gout and gave me the opportunity for a spa treatment with Wak Rem. And not to mention a secret recipe from my significant half. Always look on the brighter side of our life.


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