Here we go again

I am not in the mood to write or type much these past few days because my fingers felt numb from typing numerous reports that need to be submitted before the end of this year. Mind you, apart from copious amount of time spending on the meeting rooms, we have so many reports to write and type, and at the end of the day you can’t even distinguish between you finger and your son’s fish finger. To make the matter worst for me, the canteen, a popular hang-out place among the gossip-mongers and eavesdroppers, was almost empty. Even though it was a good news to me, as I can talk freely and without any fear of any story spinners around, but I need a break and a place to chill out.

Luckily my eldest son has to go to Kuala Kangsar for his school team debate camp. It was a good excuse for me to visit this royal place again and sample their local delicacies. Kuala kangsar is a quiet and beautiful place which boasts a reputation for politician-wannabe breeding ground. The infamous Malay College of which their student will miss their prime adulthood and become old in no time- thus the word Old Boys so synonymous to them, stood proudly in this town. I, however became so convinced, especially after reading a book on “Confessions of an Old Boys”, that my son will someday become a successful figure if he rub his shoulder regularly with the sons of dignitaries and royalties who go to the same college.

I can’t imagine how many people who walked this corridor before is also walking in the corridor of power nowadays.
A row of shops that sell nice traditional crafts. The price is very reasonable here. The shops also sell clay pots or “labu sayong” here. If you drink the water from this “labu sayong”, the taste, the smell, the freshness reminded me of the water I used to drink from “tempayan kampung” during my childhood.
A trip to this place will usually give me a good opportunity to spend some time at their small but interesting marketplace near the riverbank. You can go to a small village accross the river by taking a boat ride from this jetty.
Before – “ikan sebarau or ikan air laju”, the owner of a restaurant along the river told me. This delicacy is always my top menu whenever I visit this place. With “air asam” and some “ulam” to tickle my taste bud, now I am salivating!
The aftermath – this is what left after a sumptous feast- a fossil.This fish however could not be found at Kuala Kangsar for a very good reason. This is “ikan terubuk masin Sarawak” of which I did not get by fishing in any river, but through blogging. Seriously. The taste is phenomenal. Blogging is quite fishy after all, and its kinda paid off. Thanks mates.
I was told by my son that laksa Pak Ngah is very popular here. The texture and the taste is a bit different from other laksa that we used to consume from other part of the country.

A nice bowl of cendol by Hj. Mustafa is a must after all those sinful indulgence. My eldest son staring at the rapid flow of Sungai Kangsar, trying to figure out what a great future lay ahead for him. The question is, to be or not to be.

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