>Achtung Bitte!

>At least once in our mortal life, I am sure we have committed some cardinal sin or unforgiven mistakes, by chance or of course by mistake. I am about to confess my biggest mistake in this century, the one that I have done to my loved one, eerrr…I mean my other loved one i.e my bimmer. Recently while happily driving my car out from the office, the indicator on the meter cluster lighted out indicating the petrol level was alarming low, so I stopped to fill her up at one of our favorite petrol pump stations (it become favourite simply because it is the nearest to our house). Nothing fancy, I did the usual thing, paying the attendant, swiping the loyalty card and filling the petrol into the tank. After that, off we go. But hardly a few meter from the petrol station, my loved one start to coughed, jerking and then came to a full stop. Right in the middle of the road. Now what?

This car has never failed me before because I have put so much TLC on her all this while. That should not happen man. I pushed her gently beside the road, check here and there (pretending to be a mechanic just to cover my waterface from the other busy-body passerby), but still I found nothing weird. So I called my regular mechanic, Ah Foo and after following some instruction and a long teleconferencing over the phone, the car still refused to come alive. Our last resort was to call the trusty AAM tow truck (luckily I renewed my membership days before that) and sent the car to his workshop. I have to leave my bimmer overnight at the workshop, because it was almost 11.00 pm by the time we reached there.

left pic: good pump (with cover) ……right pic: filthy pump (naked)

The next day, when I received a call from my mechanic, he cheekily asked me “semalam abang mengelamun ke apa?”. It turned out I have filled my car with DIESEL instead of Petrol. Oh no! There goes my RM50 worth of petrol and another RM300 for cleaning and cleansing the tank and replacing the fuel pump. No wonder why so many people stared at me when I fiiled up the tank. I thought I am popular or what, especially when few awek also start to smile at me. Kes perasan lah ni. Now whenever I met my fellow bimmer owners who frequent the same workshop, they will always tease me “Ah Fo cakap ko bagi kereta ko minum Diesel ek?” and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling because how “perasan’ yours truly can be. Now I have to be really cautious whenever people smile at me, especially at the petrom pump station. Achtung Bitte!


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