>Not for the faint-of-heart

>This year we are celebrating Eidul Adha or Hari Raya Korban in Kay El. We decided not to go back to Keropok-lekor state because they are now very busy celebrating another important festival i.e the monsoon cup thus flooding the whole town with boats and yachts. And we do not go down to the south either because the hinglanders are bobsledging there, fleeing from the massive landslide.

I was informed that our surau is not doing any qurban this year. Apparently everybody is really doing their part in saving our country into recession. Frugality at its best. My wife, as usual will cook her favourite rendang, using her secret recipe and we will enjoy our Raya with relatives and close friends.
From last year’s album – Young apprentices and seasoned helpers, everybody was in the mood and get ready for the slaughter
Checking if everything was in order, and the qurban is securely and safely handled
Big galleries, witnessing the process. At the same time giving the morale support.One for the album. The most veterans did not want to miss this annual event
Another rivalry contender nextdoor doing the same deed. One..two ..three
Skinned the qurban for later distribution.And finally it end up like this. Yummy…


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