>Early this morning, while I was attending to my usual Saturday morning gardening chores, my wifey panicky showed me some unusual discovery, resembling an artifact from the King Tut tomb. It was a half-cut shoe, found by our new maid under her mattress. And it was my shoe! My seasoned shoe that I wanted to throw away in a bin some time ago. After some detail investigation we found a small “kemenyan” wrapped inside a piece of newspaper. Walauweee… now things becoming very serious man. I am no fan of “Misteri Nusantara” but this reminded me of creepy stories in my all time favorite bed-time book “Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin”. What’s on earth was our previous maid thinking or doing? She did not look like a person who like an art at all, even though her craft was quite a masterpiece.

My previous maid worked for us for a mere 6 months stint. The shortest among all maids that we had. In fact she was not our ideal maid at all. The nice description given by the “tekong” was a real misleading. It was like expecting Siti Nurhaliza but you got a monkey from our National Zoo. In fact she is the reigning no one from our list of “maid from hell”. My suspicious wife told me probably she wanted to charm me. This was judge by her flirtatious manner, especially with several Indons that worked as labor in our neighborhood. Even the stray cats did not escaped her affair. I found this out one afternoon, while doing my spot-check on her. While both my wife and me were not in the house, she did went out and “bercengkerama” with her indons friends. So as gentleman I was, I kicked her out from the house. Now I start to think that that half-shoe did really served her right after all.

So the morale of the story is never..never keep your old shoes. Burn them to ashes or auction them on lelong.com.


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