>Friends are forever

>Can you imagine how life would be if we don’t have any friend at all in this entire world. I don’t think I can live with that. Life will be so meaningless I presume. We might as well become deaf or blind and live in our Jurassic life.

I am a person who enjoyed good companies, good laugh and good camaraderie. I am glad that I still have friends who value our friendship until now. I still have regular contact with some of my friends of whom I ‘ve known for more than 20 years. These are my friends who do not judge the book by its cover, do not come to your BBQ gathering because you drive a flashy bimmer, do not bad-mouth you at the back and do not mind at all if you want them to queue for you to buy an icescream. It was simply and purely for the sake of sharing the mutual friendshipness.

As I am a very simple and cool gentleman, I don’t send out application forms for the prospect of getting ideal friends. Anybody which came out to this world thru their mother’s womb can be my friend as long as they honor the value of comradeship. Regardless of what color they sprayed their hair to cover the white one, where they spend their night with their wife or wives, how they have cheated in their exam to get to where they are now or when they get their driving license is not of my concern. Everybody with good intention is most than welcome.

Tommorrow we are going to FRIM, our usual family hideout for our regular family reunion. I hope it is not raining tommorrow. People says diamonds are forever, but it seems our bond is stronger than ever.


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