>My UDM make-over

>There is one thing with having to own, in my opinion one of most awesome car that I can afford so far, and joining a bunch of crazy people in a motor club that from time to time keep poisoning your mind with mod after mod. After a while, the temptation become so unbearable, I let myself loosed and start to jump the bandwagon.

It was actually started with some minor cosmetic upgrade on the headlamp. The white CCFL angel-eye. But during the installation I saw one original M-Tech rear spoiler laying helplessly on the shelf gathering dust. When I asked the workshop owner, which happened to be the president of another motor club, he made me an irresistable offer.

Once you were bitten then it is hard to heal. The mod bug then spread sporadically and out of my control. Then came the original M-tech Bodykit (front and rear bumper plus side skirting), of which I have dreamed so long to put on my 328. The total make over then continued with a coat of new deep-blue paint which will blend all the new bodykit with the body. The final touch with the exterior make-over was to fit a chrome ACS exzos tip. What a stunning beauty – a ‘syiok’ sendiri statement. Along the same time, I have made soem interior make-over as well such as M-tech hand-brake lever, M-Tech door lining and M-Tech brake pedals. I managed to get my hand on this interior gagdets with the generous help of my contact my Siam-connection.

Even though there was a big hole in my pocket by taking this journey, the satisfaction overshadowed my guilty conscience (lol), and my sweet other-half always confort me by saying “as long as you are happy darling”. What a sweet melody. My contribution to the domestic economy has not gone un-noticed. Now I can sit back and enjoy the ride more in hoping that I won’t be bitten by the bug anymore. But I doubt it 🙂

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