Hole in one at Monterez golf academy

After having spent numerous hours, watching ASTRO channel 815, and many pack of Ngan Ying ground nuts littering the carpet, I finally decided that it was time to put some theories into practices. I managed to persuade my two boys from their video-game marathon activity, to be enlisted in one of the golf clinics run by local instructor. The chubby instructor fondly known by the kids as Uncle Lim, was a retired colonel army who doesn’t take discipline very lightly. Which I think very good. Kids need good discipline so as adults.

The training regimes consisted of 10 modules from the very basic like the correct way to hold the club, swing drills, bunker shot, putting and a little bit on course management. The last part of the course was to really put the skill into practices i.e playing a 9 holes in the actual green.

After they have gone throuth the whole agonising modules (according to them) I can see that both of my kids has got their swing quite right or at least they got the “gaya” right. My kids did enjoy the training very much. But I don’t think they enjoy the game as yet because everytime I ask them to join me in the driving range, they will give me thousand of excuses. Their PSP seems got more charm than going down to the green.

So Tiger Wood, you better watch out! Malayan tiger is coming after you.

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